Monday, July 30, 2007

As Close to Miss America as I Will Ever Come

Okay, so I have always had the dream of being Miss America. I say "dream" ever so lightly...some might call it "obsession"...but I think they are just jealous tomboys who don't know their undertones and correct lipstick shade. Anyways, back to Miss America. I use to practice my wave as I "walked" (aka tumbled) down the hall in my mom's heels. I had the surprised gasp and fake cry down to perfection. Alas, no tiara ever prevailed. But today my ladies...oh today is a day of jubilation and toe touches. Yes, today I have been nominated by Life's Little Notebook for.....

I swear to my God Almighty that if it comes with a sash and tiara I will scream go to heaven, Sweet Elizabeth.

1 comment:

Gloria said...

Yo princess, this is you queen speaking yo. Haha. But where be your nominee? :D I'm curious to see what blog you read. ;)