Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Forever Family ?

Isn't he absolutely adorable? Let me introduce you to Emmanuel.
Emmanuel is a medical missions child staying with my friend Beth in Kentucky. Beth has hosted several children and she can tell you what a beautiful, rewarding experience it can be. Emmanuel is a little different because he doesn't have a family to go back home to. He is from the Ivory Coast in Africa. He came over to the US to put a shunt in; however, once he was here, he does NOT need a shunt. He is fine. His head is EXTREMELY flat because he laid in a crib for the first 4 years of his life. He was not picked up, moved, caressed, or loved.
Many children come over to the USA for medical care, and then when they are finished, they return home to their families. Emmanuel will return to an orphanage if he cannot find a "forever family" by September.
Beth shares the following info about Emmanuel:
Emmanuel is 5 yrs old. He is from an orphanage in Cote D' Ivoire. The orphanage has agreed to help with the legalities involved in an adoption. Emmanuel came to us in Jan. He could sit independently and scoot. He was in diapers, barely fed himself, spoke very little and was overall a very shy, abused/neglected child. He is now walking, talking (tho he is still learning). He can feed and dress himself (tho I must admit the undies are often backwards). He is potty trained (I use a pullup at night). He is a very sweet, kind and gentle child. He is developing quite a little personality! He will need ongoing therapy and loving nurturing parents to continue to make such strides. A family will give him something an orphanage never will. Emmanuel appreciates the smallest things. If you let him wear your hat you will make his day! He is open to new things and has loved most everything. Water and dogs took some getting use to, but he is in the pool most everyday and loves the animals now! He has been camping and even went tubing on the lake!
If you are interested in becoming a FOREVER FAMILY for Emmanuel, please contact me I am in much prayer and late nights over this precious angel. He has had one kidney removed, it was not functioning. He also is in the process of stretching his Achilles tendon because he is a toe walker. He will be in casts for 3 months to stretch. He is walking, talking (tongue tied, but will be clipped late August), and best yet...LAUGHING!
I will get you in touch with Beth. Beth and her family would love to adopt Emmanuel but due to age restrictions they cannot. BOTH parents must be at least 30 years old. Because time is of the essence (he is due to fly back in September), it would be helpful if you already had a homestudy done.

If he is not adopted he will go back to the Ivory Coast in the same orphanage. Adoption fees are around $500...but the kicker is that I THINK you have to fly there to get him. I have a call in to the Embassy in DC. I can help research more details if you are interested.

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