Monday, August 20, 2007

Family Circus

I think we missed our calling. We should have joined the circus. We would be the greatest show on earth. Indiana Jones and the Circus of Doom. I think it would draw a crowd. Would you come? We practiced our routine last night.

Look at my man go. He makes me swoon, pass out, faint, black out, lose consciousness, collapse. Let me just tell you right now there will be no pictures of me trying to balance my athletic self on that ball. Why you ask? Well because I have mastered it, and I would not want anyone to to feel inferior because of my sheer talent and skills. That's right, I got skills. Ball balancing skills. Really, it's true. Have I ever lied to you?Even when he falls, he is still coordinated. I would have a bloody nose. I mean, I would never fall...cause I got skills! Really...tight-rope-walkin skills. It runs in the family. Here is my oldest boy...skills I tell you. Look at him balance, just like his momma. And my girl? Pound for pound...the World's Strongest Woman -- just like her momma too.But where is my baby? What is his precious skill?
Ah, just like his momma. I mean a kid needs nourishment. Don't worry, this is made with whole milk. What kind of mother do you think I am? I have standards. I am sure it is organic too! Back to circus training. We circus junkies never give up. We persevere. Cause we got skills. We take on new challenges.

But we all react to failure differently.Some laugh in the face of danger. Ha Ha.. My daughter squeals.
My middle child cries.
My baby seeks comfort in the bottle. Just like his momma.

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steve said...

Rob may have a hard time balancing on a ball but he is an awesome rock climber