Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mortification Memoir #5

So Indiana Jones and I have found a new way to fan the the fire...stoke the blaze...heat up the inferno...without gasoline or kerosene. (Which by the way can burn your eyebrows right off, I kid you not -- and no one, I repeat NO ONE, looks good without eyebrows...not even Christina in Gray's Anatomy!)

We both have myspace pages...go ahead....laugh....snicker...kackle...snort! I know how immature and silly this is, but it is our way of keeping "in touch" with all the students we lead. So we started our own pages. Over the past few months we have ignored our pages and little communication has occurred -- plus, as for me, I am not really that popular so not many people post.

So, I tried my usually quirky flirt this morning as I posted my Indiana Jones. I hoped he would read it and reply something sweet and loving back and I would awwwwwwww in that 8th grade high-pitched voice and call all my friends and make them come over and read it and talk about how he is the sweetest guy in the whole world! (As my voice was getting higher and higher with every word)

So this morning....I sent this....

Aug 16 2007 8:11A
i love are the best husband i could ever imagine...i am the lickiest girl in the world

Lickiest????? Did I just type LICKIEST??? Great now all the basketball team will be talking about me!! What shall I do? How can I face all these people? Even the teenagers will be reading it...laughing...snorting. I shall leave the house no more forever. Call me Sitting Country Girl, by golly!

Oh leave it to Indiana Jones to rescue me. He responded...

Aug 16 2007 8:42A
I don't know about licky ;0)...but you are the most beautiful.

I have to go call all my girlfriends....ahhhhhhhhh


Tiger Lamb Girl said...

That is hilarious! Bless your heart. Just smile sweetly and pretend nothing nothing nothing has been misposted;).

steve said...

Indiana Jones is my bust friend!