Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Twinkle Cone, Schminkle Cone

We all have our local hang outs. The places we always go. In Friends it was Central Perk Coffee Shop. In Happy Days it was Arnold's Hamburgers. Well, in my neck of the woods, it is Polly's Freeze. EVERYONE (who is anyone) goes to Polly's Freeze. Only locals and Polly Pilgrims can find this joint, but it is all worth it.Indiana Jones and I began reminiscing on the famous Polly's. I mention how they are known for their Polly Burger. The big greasy grilled 100% beef burger. The kind that you can feel your arteries clogging on. The kind that grease runs down your arm and to your elbow. Oh sweet heavens. The greasy just helps it go down a little better. YUMMY! They are known near and far for their Polly Burger! Yes sirree bob...famous I tell you. I know this much to be true. Polly Burgers UNITE!Well, Indiana Jones disagreed with me. I know, unbelievable isn't it? How could anyone not agree with the Great Country Girl? I do not know much, but I know I love you...and that may be all I need to know. Oh so sorry, I got carried off into the 1989 with Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt. I am back now. But yes, I might not know much, but I know my boondocks facts...and I know my small town and what it is famous for...unanimously it is the Polly Burger!

Well, IJ says it is the Twinkle Cone. The Twinkle Cone? The Twinkle Cone? Who has ever heard of a Twinkle Cone? It even sounds very .... girly. And made up...I mean seriously, TWINKLE CONE? If Polly's was famous for their Twinkle Cone I would be the first to know. I have a pulse on this town I tell you! I would know. And Twinkle Cone it is not. That is so made up!

So my husband orders and we wait....

And we wait... and wait...and wait....What did he order anyways????Then to my humble eyes, what is that I see? A what? Oh you better believe it sister, it was a Twinkle Cone. I hate it when I am wrong. My middle spawn does not even know where to begin. How does one eat such a masterpiece?My husband eagerly passes on the wisdom of eating a Twinkle Cone. My baby is diligently working over his ice cream and is soon finished.But he does not miss the divine opportunity to snatch a good Twinkle Cone from his brother. Why let something this good go to waste?
Take off baby...run...run...Go forth and eat my child!

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