Thursday, October 18, 2007

Potty Time!

It has begun. We are potty training. So far, so good. Here is my baby spawn sitting and doing his business last night. He gets a cookie for trying. We are not below bribery. He is putting it in while it is coming out. How successful were you in potty training? Not you yourself. Hopefully you have experienced success. What I was talking about was your CHILD. Do you have any pointers?


Tiger Lamb Girl said...

When it came to getting my son to pee in the toilet?

1) throw some Cheerios in the toilet. Tell him to 'aim' and sink the Cheerios.

when he got bored with that?

2) squirt some blue dye in the toilet water. Tell him yellow and blue make green....;)

That was a little more difficult.
If the cookies are working - stick with it.
Praise him mightily when he succeeds each time, telling him what a big boy he is;).

He'll get there soon!!

chocolatechic said...

I was 8 months pregnant with the girl when he was ready to start potty training. I waited though. I had heard that if you have another child close to the time that you potty train, they regress because the new baby is getting all the attention. So, I waited till she was about 3 months old.

I had him trained in 1 week. It was a killer week though. I sat him on the toilet once every, ~~thinking...thinking...thinking~~15-30 minutes the first few days or so, then every hour. It was like 4 days into it, when he began to tell me he needed to go. And on the 7th day, he would just go on his own. He was 3.

We are NOT even going to discuss the girl's potty training. It was a nightmare!!!

Laura said...

Jelly beans and consistency seem to work incredibly well. On the pot every half hour while they're awake, major praise for the successes. One of my girlfriends has a two year old who is so motivated by candy that she's almost potty-trained already. Isn't that crazy?