Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On The Raod Again

I am in Minneapolis....BURRRRRRRR!

I will be in luncheons and dinners and meeting and break outs and blah blah blah the rest of the week. I will be back on my game first thing next week. Honest, I will. Seriously, I really will.

Although I love you all. This post is for my three twerps. I cannot be there tonight ...sooooo...

Eldest Twerp -- How was your day, Sunshine? Did you look for you glasses....they must be somewhere. Only 6 more days until you turn double digits. I will not tell you why I was so excited when I turned 10, but there are those that know...and I have sworn them to secrecy.

You need to take a bath and wash your hair tonight.....yes, wash your hair. Blow it dry because you know your dad will not straighten it in the morning and you will look all lumpy. Did you feed Jeter? The dishwasher needs unloaded. Are you going to church tonight? If so say hello to Faith and Lexi. It is so cold here. I am going to want some hot chocolate and marsh mallows with you when I get home. I love you. Treats other nice.

Middle Twerp -- Hello Big Boy. Were you dry this morning? If so you can sleep with sissy tonight, but remember NOTHING to drink after 7:30. There is a huge aquarium with salt water fish here....even a Nemo fish. He keeps swimming close to me. I think he is looking for you. Be good. Be nice to your brother. Share and I LOVE YOU!

Baby Twerp -- Hello Sweetheart! Did you go potty today? I hope so. Did you and brother play? Tell daddy to get your bang bang and rock you to sleep tonight. I know you can go night night all by yourself now, but you are only small once. I want to rock you every night. And quit sucking your bottom lip, it chaps. I LOVE YOU!

Indiana Jones -- I love you, I miss you...I am eating cookies in bed and picking my fingers all hours of the night and blowing my nose and leaving it on the night stand. You will have to whip me back into shape when we get back home. I am looking forward to it.


duncan said...

Hey Cat.
I'm Duncan. I'm a student at Destiny Christian School. I have seen your comments on Pastor N's blog, and you're really funny!
Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. I'll leave some comments later.
God Bless!

Maria said...

Aw! That was a sweet post. Yep, it's cold here in Michigan, too. It snowed today!

Where are you? Is it for fun or business? Anywhoo... take some photos!


Lynne W. Snyder said...

Loved this intimate look into your life. Thank you. The small things are what make life rich. You are rich, indeed.