Monday, December 3, 2007


There is someone out there struggling with adoption. I do not know who you are, what stage you are in, or where you have been. But I know this: you long for a child. Your dreams of stroking the hair out of their eyes, kissing the fragile check and wiping the cry from their eye. I know.

You long to rescue them from their future of unknown. To carry them into God's will and show them a Christian home. I understand.

Your arms ache for a baby. One to fill with acceptance. One to cuzzle and nuzzle. One to dream with, invest into, build upon. I care.

You explode with love and passion. You well up with motherly care. Your desire is unyielding, your thoughts are consumed. I have been there.

Your fears are unsettling. Your worries are innumerable. The unknown is unthinkable. Yet hope still looms. I can identify with you.

Do not give up. Lay your all on the table. Everything is worth it. They are already yours, you have just not found each other yet. Keep hoping, keep praying, keep investing...they are coming. Be ready.


Anonymous said...

My God richly bless you for reaching out to this suffering soul whoever he or she may be.

Mendy said...

Amazing words!

Anonymous said...

God bless you.