Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Emergency

I always try to be so prepared at Christmas. I do my shopping early -- often online. I love online shopping. It is like I have my own personal shopping slave. I yell at Amazon...Nine West... chocolate three inch cheaper! And then bam, there they are in their splendid beauty. I know my 3 year old will love my size. And my baby will want a cashmere sweater, in my color and size...he can grow into it. Ah, Christmas shopping is so selfless.

So, I am finished, completed, done! I love that feeling. Then, a dreadful thing occurred this morning. The kind of thing that sends pure terror coursing through your veins. The kind than makes your stomach flip and your heart race and your back sweat.

My three-year-old comes into my bed and cuzzles up next to me. He fixates his huge blue eyes on my slit morning eyes and asks, "Is Santa going to bring me a toy?"

"Why yes, if you are good. He is going to bring you a toy under the tree. How many do you think will be there?"

"I only want one." He says in his precious sweet angel voice. "I only want the movie with the lion and 2 girls."

What? What is he talking about? I have never heard of this before. Lion and two girls?

"Lion King? Is that what you want baby? With Simba and Nala?"

"No, mama." He gets his sad eyes and precious lips going. "It has a lion and 2 girls and the lion is nice and I love him. And that is what Santa will bring me! Cause I been good, right?"

Oh lord have mercy, he has a train set. What lion movie is he possibly talking about? HELP!

Santa sucks!


Heidi said...

The only movie I can think of that fits the bill is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Not sure that is the one he would be talking about, but it has 2 girls (2 boys) and a kind lion. :)

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

YES!!! That is it. Heidi you have saved my life. I love you!

Maria said...

See? See how wonderful we all are? LOL

I'm going to go back and read the posts I missed, but I hope you have a very, very Merry Christmas!


Kila said...

Oh, that is a great movie! My oldest boy wants the book set.