Thursday, December 13, 2007

Little Texas

This is my friend's, Little Texas', house. She lives in Texas where EVERYTHING is bigger. She is so out of place. Nothing but her smile fits. Her hair is not big, her eyelashes are not fake, her jewels are not the size of a small country...she is beautiful, but not Texas style. She has a classic beauty, not BIG TEXAS style.

Now don't all you Texans start hatin' me. I love BIG. As a matter of fact, my junior high school years were the epitome of BIG hair. I used a can of Aqua Net a week. My pick and blow dryer were my best friends. I would tease and spray and blow dry and tease some more. The bigger the better. I had wings on the sides and the top could put a small child's eye out or it could have punctured a spleen or kidney or bladder or pancreas or cornea or dandruff or belly button. Either way I was dangerous, in a Texan preppy way.

Anyways, this is Little Tex's house in Oklahoma. (Yes, they own two homes.) I think deep down they know Texas does not fit them. Oklahoma is more tailored and snug. They will come home one day. Since she is over 3 hours away, I posted these pics of her OK Corral. This is what damage the storm left her.
I could move this with one finger -- or at least my 80's hair.
My Aqua Net could spray away all these limbs.
It is REALLY foggy around here.

This is the same size as my bangs in 1987.
This is very similar to the shape of my bangs. Pointy and prepared to fight to the death.
Little Tex, I am more than happy to help clean up. Just call me and I will be there. Cause that is what friends do. Wow, that limb is big. Have I mentioned I have Typhoid Fever? It is SO HIGHLY contagious. I am more than happy to come by and pick you up...cough cough! Call me ahh ahhh choo.


Anonymous said...

I loved the post. You are precious. Thanks so much for the photos. You're a doll. And by the way, have I showed you any of my 80s photos. The only thing worse than big hair, is BIG PERMED hair, which I had. Do you know how frizzy BIG PERMED hair looks?

justgottalaugh said...

Alright, if you give me some hair pointers you can use the cranberry idea :) I forgot to mention that we pop popcorn and string the popcorn and whatever's left of the cranberries. Much fun!

Did you take pictures inside your refrigerator before you had a blog? Me either. Weird things this blogging does to a person.

Homeschooling... I'm sure you'll find the data you're looking for but bottom line is... what does the Lord want for your family? Get that answer and he'll take care of the rest. Thanks for praying for Wes and I'll be praying for you as you consider this HUGE decision. I know it's not easy.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh a can of Aqua Net a week....... I never did like that stuff. Guess that's why my hair wouldn't stay big. lol