Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Boogie Man

I love my new camera. I want to slip a ring on its finger and make an honest woman out of it. You can crop and trim and zoom in.
Just take a look at what we can see when we zoom in just a tad.
Why my, my, my...anyone need a tissue?
This camera takes GREAT shots.

Maybe the zoom feature is not needed in our family.


Felicia said...

That's what we refer to as "bats in the cave" lol

Army Wife said...

That's soooo gross! But congrats on your new camera :)

Tinman said...

I looked at this right before I was going to eat my lunch. Ugh!
Love the camera though. Also- cute kid, you just need to clean him up a little.

Army Wife said...

Look CG, you have got to do a new post. The boogies are killing me :)
What happened to the photo naming thing?

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

Army Wife -- I did a photo naming contest with the snowball fight. The winners prize is in the mail. I am leaving the boggies up for a few days just for you! giggle giggle

Kila said...

At least it's dry!

It made me sneeze, LOL.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Ummm.....glad you won't be taking any pictures of me!

Mendy said...

Oh my stars! I am laughing out loud as if i know you!!!!! Maybe I resembl ethis picture being inside for the last week with two sick baby's!!!! Love it!!