Monday, February 18, 2008


I just love pictures of babies. Here is my middle twerp at about 1-year-old. He is named after my dad. We did not just name him after my dad at 1-year-old, but we named him at birth. But I guess since his name never changed he is still named after my dad at 1-year-old, but my point was that we did not change names at 1-year-old. Fresh out of the womb we named him after my dad and well, the name has just stuck and I think we will keep it. Although, I am now kinda fancied to the idea of changing names every year. It kinda keeps things exciting. I think I would choose Chantal or Zimbora, for me not for Middle Twerp. Mainly because they sound like rich people and if you are gonna change your name, why not be rich? But none of that has to do with my middle twerp. It is so embarrassing when my second personality takes over like that. Anyways, back to Middle Twerp.... Here is Middle Twerp Senior about the same age.
Middle Twerp Junior....Middle Twerp Senior.....
A little freaky that grandpa and grandson look so much alike, but nonetheless, precious.
All I am saying is I hope Middle Twerp Junior can be blessed with an amazing, beautiful, artistic, wise daughter like Middle Twerp Senior. Ah, if he can only be so lucky-- to have a graceful, always spontaneous, pride and joy. My, my, my was that outloud?
P.S. For those who do not get my humor, my dad's name is NOT Middle Twerp Senior. It is Julio George Gonzales.
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Jen said...

Middle Twerp is just precious. :) Both of them.