Friday, February 8, 2008

Dragon Slayer or Mismatched Pajama Wearer

Every once in awhile there is a dragon that must be slayed at our house. But have no fear, for Baby Twerp always arises to the occasion.
The fight can become intense. Especailly when the dragon loses his paddle. Baby Twerp shows no mercy. Family carries no weight with Baby Twerp. His vengence in uncontrollable, unstoppable, untamable, the snowman.
With one last strike of his sword, the paddle-weilding dragon is slayed.The village idiots (not pictured) begin to feel safe and secure again. Until the dragon regains his composure and finds his sword. His revenge is too great, and down goes Baby Twerp.
Ah, but with a closer look, is he just faking? Or is he too embarassed that is mother dresses him in mismatched pajamas that he cannot face life any longer?
You be the judge.


Kim said...

I'm thinking he spotted the paparazzi and is hoping for some press. All press is good press they say. He's a cutie!

3SonsAreMyLove said...

This little guy could start a fashion trend among the under-5 set! It's a great look!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Looks like slaying dragons is hard work!