Thursday, February 28, 2008


Sometimes my middle twerp makes this face at me. I know how could that be possible? He is such a sweet angel. Don't worry, I handle this will GREAT parenting skills. I say something ingenious like, "If you keep doing that your face is gonna stay that way."

You can see that this has little to no effect on him. So next I say something sweet and precious like, "I am gonna knock that look right off your face!"

See that black eye? That is what I am talkin about!

Now who is makin funny faces?

I am totally joking! I would NEVER hit him in the face...that sweet precious angel face.

He was actually doing a little WWF wrestling moves with baby twerp and they bonked heads.

If I have told them once I have told them a million times not to use chairs when wrestling.
Next time he is going to tag team with his sister. Look how sweet she is to him. That is an ice pack by the way. She is NOT trying to suffocate him.

PS If you are from child protective services, THIS IS ONLY MAKE UP! Good one, huh?


justgottalaugh said...

Poor buddy :( Tough boys you have there.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

With those baby blue eyes, he could make any face he wanted at me!

Kim said...

How sweet that she cares for him like that. How sweet that he lets her!