Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Part 2 -- Electric Boogaloo

After our Easter Morning, we went to church all sugared up for our Easter Egg Hunt (and the sermon). The football field was roped off for the competitive egg hunters. We were way out of our league.The boy twerps found plenty of eggs with candy. Eldest Twerp was on her own down the field.Soon, Baby Twerp realized there was CANDY in the eggs. His life will never be the same. Can you see the chocolate residue?
Middle Twerp went off to the hill to sit and relish his candy stash.Some eggs had candy, others papers with numbers to turn in for prizes. Eldest Twerp got some Nerf balls, glow sticks, and other 10-year-old gems.

As we were leaving a lady turned around and said to Middle Twerp, "We won this bike and already have one, do you want it?"
Easter is now his favorite holiday. Way better than Daylight Savings.


Kim said...

I love the photos of your twerps.

Who needs Christmas when you have Easter! : )

How fun.

pew-warmer said...

Way better than daylight savings time. Now that was funny. We had our Easter tradition at Braums.

Heidi said...

Looks like you had a fun morning! It was really stormy and wet most of the day here.

Love the new bike. Levi won a bike at his one and only egg hunt a couple years ago! Luke grabbed one egg and promptly sat down to eat the candy. :)