Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hubby Gone...Day One...Plumbing 101

First this one overflowed.
I vacuumed up over 3 inches of water.
Then this one started leaking out the bottom.
Then the bathtub started filling with water. It was getting deep. I had to put on these.
Desperate measures had to be taken.
Then I called 4,291 plumbers until I could find one to come out at 8 pm. I thought I might have to do the job.
He came.
He only charged $100 an hour. My first job was making $5 an hour. That means I would have had to work for 20 hours to make what this plumber made in one hour. It was well worth it. I now have water.
After digging out two sticks, three rocks, and a plastic dinosaur, it is fixed.

Baby Twerp Update.

Wow -- thanks for your outflow of love and support with Baby Twerp and Indiana Jones. You made me cry -- in a good way.

Baby Twerp saw the pediatrician this morning. His ear drums look perfect. He takes after his mother in this way. I have always had perfect ear drums. People have commented since the beginning of time, "Just look at her precious ear drums." They draw people in. I have had to live with the jealousy and the whispers. Oh the curse of perfectly beautiful ear drums.

So, there are no deformities. The pediatrician wants to wait six months and see how his hearing is then. SIX MONTHS???? I am not quite comfortable with this. I will wait six weeks and retest. If it is not better, we will see an ENT and get tubes. We see a speech path in 2 weeks for "pointers" for mom.

He might be delayed in speech, but oh those ear drums. Watch out girls!


justgottalaugh said...

You know you're a blogger when... you take pictures of your toilet!! Ha ha! Sorry about the potty troubles, though :(

P.S. LOVE the boots!

Treasia said...

I feel your pain about the plumbing! When my trucker worked long haul and was gone for weeks on end it seemed that every time he left home is when our toilet backed up and would flood our bathroom.

So glad to hear Baby Twerp has perfect ear drums like his mother.

Heidi said...

Wahoooo! (About the ear drums, not the plumbing.) Six months seems like an awfully long time to wait for answers with a 2 yo, though...

Sooooo sorry about the plumbing. You certainly didn't need that added to your day yesterday! I agree, you did it in style with those boot. :)

Let's see, at 8pm we were trying to decide whether or not to take the 3yo to the ER to get his head stitched up. That's another time when husbands come in handy. I was thinking of you and so thankful that dh was able to take him. Spending hours in the ER with 3 little boys at bedtime just didn't sound like fun to me. They made it home after 10pm with 2 staples. Ah, what fun these little kids are, yeah?

I'm praying that you're getting all the bad stuff out of the way in the first day so that the rest of your time can be smooth sailing.

Heidi said...

He's actually doing really well. He was quite glad to get all that daddy time in (he is a serious daddy's boy). His big brother got a Dr's glove at the dentist the other day and he was extremely jealous, so he was very proud of himself when he had a glove to bring home. It doesn't take much when you're 3, I guess. :) Russ said he did awesome when they were fixing him up.

Yep. Boys. I can't believe that is our first gash that needed to be closed up. Levi's had a couple fractured bones, but...

ptamom3 said...

YEAH- good news about your son. I hope your day gets better- it just has too right?! I agree with the others I love the boots and the blue chair- that's very cool!

Michelle said...

Oh, that's wonderful news about your son!
$100.00 an hour ~ my goodness!
Sorry that you had a rough night ~

Oh, and I just LOVE your living room!

Anonymous said...

Discovered your site a few weeks ago. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy it. Of course, my Kids are all grown and gone but with 8 Grandbabies, I still feel like I am one of you

Anonymous said...

Discovered your site a few weeks ago. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy it. Of course, my Kids are all grown and gone but with 8 Grandbabies, I still feel like I am one of you

3SonsAreMyLove said...

I haven't read your blog in a couple of days...what an adventurous life you've leading...but then again,you ARE married to Indiana Jones...hence, the jungle-print boots!

Will keep baby twerp's precious ears, well actually all of him, in prayer.

theotherblonde said...

Why do things like that Always happen when the hubby's are away? Glad you could find a plumber to come out at that time. Me - I just call Dad - he is a plumber. LOL

Thanks for the update on the ears. I don't think I would wait 6 months either!

feather k said...

it's nice knowing a plumber...by the way your comment on my page is borderline disturbing... :)

Jubilee on Earth said...

I was waaaay behind on my blog reading and just read all you posts about Baby Twerp. You poor thing! All will turn out okay. My sister has two boys (the youngest is your son's age) and they both had horrible speech difficulties. Otherwise they are gorgeous, happy, healthy boys but her three year old doesn't say anything but "ma-ma." The older one (who is six) was like that, too. But a few years of good speech therapy fixed things. He speaks pretty well now -- almost perfectly. Hang in there... the good eardrums news is GREAT news.

Funny... her hubby was in the Marines and now is in the Army. He was in Iraq. Wonder if the military service is tied to this?