Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mr and Mrs Davis

Let me introduce beautiful Gina. I cannot imagine a more beautiful bride. The day was absolutely stunning.
I arrived early in the morning and let Gina know not to have any fear, but that I ...Country Girl...would be documenting every moment of the day through photographs. This was the look she gave me.
She then took a few moments to breath in deeply.
What? Could it be me?
She asked for a glass of water...and then I left the room. She thought about it a little bit and let me come back cause I had the doughnuts. I kid. I kid.
Now this is what makes me giggle and snort and laugh. She was still a little uneasy about her photographer so I put her sweet mind at ease...
and brought in the real professional photographer. The one that actually knows what he is doing. Look at that smile on her face. She has never greeted me that way. I weep.

The rest of the day was gorgeous and perfect, just like Gina. Congrats my friend. I just love ya to pieces!


Treasia said...

Gina was a beautiful bride. Looked to be a gorgeous day as well. Congratulations Gina.

Anonymous said...

That cannot be Leila!!! She looks so grown up. I miss the days when she was younger and wanted to throw rocks at my head...

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

jordan -- i am sure she meant it with love, like "I want to throw a rock at your a loving way, you fav bbsitter of mine" Followed with a sweet giggle...not demonic at all. And by rock, i think she meant "pillow" that is our code talk.