Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Vaca Shopping

Bad purchases always seem to occur when I am on vacation. It is like all rational purchasing power leaves my body and I buy things I would never consider to be remotely possible when I am shopping in my everyday life.

Let's take a look at my last vacation, shall we? We went ATVing and I thought I would need shorts instead of just my swimsuit bottoms. One can never be too careful about chaffing -- and it was a 4 hour trip, ya know what I am saying? So I went to this little boutique to go "shorts shopping". Now let me begin by saying that I detest short shopping. I have Papaw legs. If you do not know what I am talking about, next time you are at a nursing home, look over at a Papaw and see how skinny and tiny his legs are...then attach my face to his body and there you have it -- Country Girl.

I bought these shorts. They were most certainly a mistake. Never again have I worn them, and I probably never will. I am just saying, if I was worried about chaffing, would these shorts possibly help solve that problem? Could I have possibly found anything shorter or tighter? I am such a floozy on vaca. Someone please tell me what is up with these sun glasses! Am I trying to reflect all the sun's rays? Am I single handedly powering the entire resort from the solar rays I am catching here? Again, another vaca purchase. Again, I have never worn them since Mexico. Do you begin to see a pattern here? (Someone please tell me what is up with Don Juan behind me? Those shorts and that hat HAD to be a vaca purchase.)
Everyone buys one of these wraps in Mexico -- and they are always a mistake. Always. This is inevitable. If you go to Mexico, go ahead and buy one your first day. It will get it all out of your system and you can enjoy the rest of the trip. I look like I am trying to pose for National Geographic -- oh Lawd have mercy on my soul. If only they knew how high maintenance I was. I wonder if I have my sunglasses on in this pic too?
Vaca $1000
Short Shorts $10
Huge Sunglasses $7
Wrap 2 for $15 (Yes, I bought two, one for a friend.)
Looking like a tourist Priceless


E and T said...

What a hilarious post.

You're not alone. Something does take over your brain when you go on holiday. I too make crazy purchases, ones I never would in my normal everyday life.

Accessories and shoes seem to take on a whole new life form when looking at them through "holiday eyes". You get these items home, unpack them and wonder what on earth possessed you to buy them.

One of life's mysteries!

Jubilee on Earth said...

This post was SO funny because I do the same thing. I bought one of those wraps in Mexico, too! I didn't even have to get up -- I shopped for it right from my lounge chair. I was sipping a drink and reading when one of those beach vendors came up to me with her wraps. Of course I bought one. I couldn't NOT shop from my lounge chair when the opportunity arose. LOL!!

damascus180 said...

Did the shorts come with back pockets with flaps you could snap shut? Those are so cool. I wish my wife would buy me some.

Treasia said...

I love the last picture with you and the seagull. I also like the wrap. haha