Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Twerp

This Twerp steals my heart. I love all my Twerps, but there is something about these eyes that melt my heart a million times over. He is the mama's boy in the family and he understands me and I accept him whole heartedly. He kisses me every morning and will give me an I LOVE YOU MOMMA, just when I need it. He holds my hand because he wants to. He climbs in my lap because he needs to. He laughs at me because he has to. He is very intuitive and loves people unconditionally. He wants to please people and gets his feeling hurt VERY easily. He shares EVERYTHING he owns and thinks of others more often than himself. He can sit in a car for hours and not say a word. He gets lost in thought and smiles even when no one is looking. Nature intrigues him. He is the most UNlike me and I am so thankful for his traits. He is precious and perfect and destine for greatness. I want the best for this Baby Angel. I lie awake at night and worry about him. I think about the other two all the time too, but I worry about him. Why?

He has such great potential, if only he believes in himself.

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hope4grace said...

Parenting brings so much into our lives doesn't it? I'm amazed at the depth of my emotions and my understanding of the things around me, that were instantly changed when I became a parent.....

He has an awesome mom, she'll show him the way.