Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meet My Neighbor

This is my across the street diagonal neighbor. I started singing...Sanford and Son...when I saw this in the front lawn.
Bum Bum Bum Bum.... I hyperventilated and cried and wept and sucked my thumb....
Oh Lord, hear my prayers.


Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Your neighbour's house looks kinda nice, except for the unmown grass and the 'lawn candy'.

Let's hope they were just having a clear out and the lawn just grew quickly between now and the last mow!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are just in the middle of a major remodel. or maybe a really messy divorce. Or maybe two words PRIVACY FENCE!
(I forgot my google password-Yes i'm a moron)
The Other Blonde - Tracie

Steve said...

it's like living next to should have seen my backyard...Judy says it looks like the white trash backyard. See at least I keep my junk in the backyard with a privacy fence around it. Love the commode. Classy