Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You Say Poe TATE Oh, I Say Poe TOT Oh

I am the world's worst pronouncer. I cannot say a phrase or word right to save my life. I first realized this when I was in sixth grade and said the word "tarlit." I thought this is how you said the ceramic bowl of waste collection. Seriously, I tell no lies.

Then it went on to "worsh" and "armwire" and inevitably "crik" Yes, my name is Country Girl and I cannot pronounce words correctly. I am a po 'nouner of vo ka boo larry.

But none of this even comes close to the time I transferred my ignorance to a spelling mishap. I died a million deaths this day and have never been the same. Seriously. Honest to Blog!

So, I being the helper that I am (translate into: I want to be in everybody's business so I volunteer for stuff to get the inside scoop), I volunteered to write the punch list for a multimillion dollar building project we were doing at church. I followed the little building people around and tried to decipher words like anchor bolts and ballast and hammer. I went back to my office and typed the list up. Spell check caught 8,421 mistakes.

I made 14 copies of my list (one for every staff pastor and assistant) and placed my crisp clean copies into everyone's box. I saw my Senior Pastor pull it out and start reviewing it.

Soon, the Children's Pastor came running in grinning from ear to ear.

"You run spell check County Girl?"

I felt my heart race and skip all around, "Yeah, why?"

As he pointed down to #42, he asked, "What are we going to do about the cock around the basketball courts?"

GULP! So it can also be caulk? Seriously, who knows this tiny factoid?


Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Gulp. I'm kinda mortified for you.

but still.....lol

Steve said...

you just went PG-13....naw, that is funny!