Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Game

Some woman worry while their husband is away, but not me. I have no fears or concerns cause I have two burly strappin men protecting me from all doom and despair. I heard a skirmish outside my humble adobe tonight and looked out to find this. LIB, Baby Twerp and Middle Twerp protecting me once again. Ah shucks, they might jist be wurth keeping 'round.

Shew, good thang I gots my Twerps.

PS Thanks Lawrence Neisent for the pic.


Kim said...

You scare me!

Shannon Gurney said...

OMG! I'm seriously laughing out loud to the point of hyperventilating!!! HA HA HO HEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! That is freakin' hilarious AND I SO relate! Hope all is well with you!