Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nap Time

Nap time has become a real problem for us in the crack house. The boys now share a room. Which translates in Arabic and to them as "Party Time." It is like one big frat house in the Twerp's room after lunch and about 9 pm.

They use to have their own rooms back in the day when the land flowed with milk and honey and when we use to be rich and have designer bedding and over 15 thread count sheets and pillows. Oh, I so remember the days of pillows. Ahh. I need a moment.

Middle Twerp has always been a struggle to keep in his bed at nap and bed time. He would get up and we would have to take him back about 5-6 times. We have tried everything from Super Nanny tactics of "no eye contact, no talking, just straight back to bed." To spare the rod, spoil the child. He has gotten better and stays in bed more times than not, but is still out of his bed if he gets the chance.

Baby Twerp. He turns three in August and has just now gotten out of his crib. Yes, I know...I know. But he sleeps and life is wonderful. I love cribs too. It makes me feel like I still have a baby in the house and makes me want to knit. He would go to bed around 9 pm at night and sleep until 9 am (or later) the next morning. Then he would take a nap from Noon until about 3 every day. It was heavenly and he was always in a good mood and he never FOUGHT this. He embraced sleep....he is my child.

Now the rooms are shared and Baby Twerp is in a Big Boy Bed and paradise as I know it has ceased to exist. I now put them both in bed at 9 and IF I am lucky and the gods shine down upon me, after 8,421 times of placing them BACK in bed later and a gazillion giggles later, they are quiet. Not asleep mind you, but quiet. And like clockwork they are up and at 'em at 7 am.

Nap time has become like an Al Queda negotiation. Then I end up screaming and acting like a hoodlum and wrapping a turban on my head -- not really. We all know what that would do to my hair. I am thinking about making a video and playing it for them in their rooms letting them know what might happen if they refuse to agree to my terms. What do you think?

I have tried staggering bed time and putting Baby Twerp to sleep and hour earlier, but he is not asleep when Middle Twerp comes. Right now, Baby Twerp is napping in my bed and Middle Twerp in his bed and that is working for nap time but this is not a long term solution. My next tactic on my list is Benedryl. I kid. I kid. Sort of. No, no, I do. Kinda.

So for all the super moms out they who have BOYS (I am tellin you girls are not the same...they are sugar and spice and everything nice.) that share a room, can you help a girlfriend out? How do you keep yours in bed and from having a keg party? I kid. I kid. Kinda. Do you think that might work? I am sleep deprived and desperate.


Working Mom said...

Oh Country Girl, I feel your pain. I don't have 2 boys sharing a room, but my boy used to sleep like BT used to...he'll be 3 next month. Then when the big boy bed came a few months ago, he was up roaming the house at all hours of the night.
I say after dinner, put 'em on the treadmill for an hour and follow that with a shot of Benedryl and a warm milk chaser. That oughta do it. ;)

Scrappy Girl said...

I am going through the same thing and I am sorry to say this.....WITH GIRLS! Our 2 and 3 year old are driving us nuts. We just got rid of cribs and they think that it is PARTY TIME too. I guess it would be a sorority here. LOL! We are staying FIRM with them and it is slowly getting better. I have actually laid in the floor between the beds. This works but eats up my kid free time at night.

Shelly said...

This happened with my sister's boys. She finally nixed the afternoon nap, and opted for "quite time" where the kids watched a calm movie or listend to audio books. By 8:00 in the evening both boys were winding down and ready for bed. I ended my daughter's naps when she was 2. Otherwise she was up until midnight.

Heidi said...

Not any help. I can relate to the sleep deprivation. Not one of my boys has been a wonderful sleeper. Luke and Levi share a room and they sleep about 10 hours at night. No naps. I read in their room while they are in bed. Bunk beds help a little because they can't see each other as well. :) If I read for a long time, Luke often falls asleep and then Levi can read in peace, LOL.

Leif takes naps in a crib in that room (Levi does school work elsewhere and very occasionally Luke does quiet time on my bed). I really need to transition him to the same room (3 boys in one room...heaven help me), but I've been putting it off. Right now he sleeps in a play pen in another room.

Leif is actually my best sleeper, but he is sending me over the edge with the other stuff. :) He can climb out of the play pen and open a complicated child gate to the kitchen. He has tried climbing out of the crib and I know that isn't far behind. Ack. When I put him in his crib while I'm reading to the other boys, he either jumps like a maniac or screeches. Ah, boys.

(P.S. This sleep deprived mom has actually tried Benadryl out of desperation. I'm sure they were sick...)

theotherblonde said...

Benadryl, uh, I always used Dimeatap. LOL

My Twerps are now 14 & 10, I don't really remember naps anymore. LOL

Sada said...

country girl -- I have to tell you, about 10 "blog hogs" in Madisonville, TX are using your blog as entertainment daily! Your life is so fun and your writing is so lively. Keep it up!!!!

Sandel said...

Country girl - I have to tell you, you have become the entertainment in Madisonville, TX for about 10 girls! We all have blog sites and love reading your page! Your life is so fun and your writing is so lively.

Sandel said...

Dear Country girl,
We really want to be your best friend. However, it must look as though we (Denise and Sada) are stocking you because we have posted at least 5 times. We are brighter than it appears. The green note at the top of the screen seems to fade away after a glass of wine("Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval"). Please forgive us and be our friend. thank you and sweet dreams

ptamom3 said...

Girls are just as bad- I have 3 and the 2 youngest (8 & 4) sleep in the same room . I put them to bed about 8:45 and they are still in their giggling and talking after 10:00, even after a long day of sun and swimming, etc. You'd think they'd be in la la land long before, but no such luck... then they are up at 7:00am.. UGH!

Kila said...

Oh, I absolutely know what you are dealing with! I have three boys, and two share a room. It's a nightmare.

They have to fall asleep in separate rooms, and then I move/drag them to their beds once they are sound asleep.

Also, I often still rock my youngest boy to sleep (he just turned 6!).

I do use melatonin to help them go to sleep at night. They take just 1/4 of a 2.5mg tablet. I buy it at a health food store. About half an hour after they take it, they get very sleepy :) It's very safe.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

so this is the "blog hogs" stepmom and stepmom in law. maybe you should block girls from m'ville. tx just to be safe. ha ha . just kidding. they're safe

The Rose Fam said...

Hey Jane!!!! Don't block me!!! I'm TOTALLY SANE and I live in Madisonville! I've NEVER met those CRAZY girls in my life! I will definitely BEWARE!!! I love to visit you country girl!