Wednesday, June 18, 2008

VBS Frickin Rocks My Socks Off

So I looked at Adventurous Baby Twerp tonight and said, "Baby Twerp, would you like to go to Vacation Bible School with inflatables and kids and music and so much fun that you will barely be able to contain yourself?"

"" You see what I must deal with? So I drug him to the church down the street cause these boys needed to have a little Come to Jesus meeting. "Cotton Candy, you said nothing about Cotton Candy! VBS, Lover of my Soul."It took him awhile to get warmed up...But soon he was chanting...VBS, VBS, VBS... and I think it made sweet little 8.6 ounce baby Jesus lying in his manger, smile.
It was kinda like a legal cage for your children...
... which made me smile...
and chant.. VBS, VBS, VBS!

1 comment:

Working Mom said...

Cotton candy and moonwalks at VBS?! SWEET!! I want to go to YOUR church!

A Come to Jesus Meeting (or CTJ as we call them) like that would not even click with my boy. All he would get out of it is that he wants to be a carnie when he grows up.