Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July - Round 2...Electric Boogaloo

We celebrated all weekend long cause we are so super cool like that...This was at my cousin's country club. Ya know the place where I belong and fit in a die a thousand deaths cause all the people are the sweetest in the world and this is where I should have been born and raised and have Jose and Harold...yeah, that place.This was the All American 4th of July celebration. The watermelon was yummy...The men were cuties... And the food was to die for [hey dad]....I am so glad we have more than 2 teeth now...and just look at that sweet is like Harley Man meets Barry Manilow.

Then, Eldest Twerp went and got her groove on and made her momma all proud and finally solved the age old question of nature vs nurture.
Have I mentioned my parents came out...Oh just wait until you see what all we did.

We had a BLAST and you will NEVER believe what Country Girl did ... Oh Lo'd have mercy on my soul...You just might disown me. Here is a little hint...more to come.

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Becky :) said...

Great pictures!!!!! The firework shots came out awesome.
Were you a hula hoopin freak???? Gotta know.

Was Jose the Cabana Boy there???