Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can High School Seniors Still Count

I am not the smartest person in the world. I am actually quite ignorant in what most would consider common knowledge things. Like who were the blue and who were the gray? And what is the difference between white and red blood cells? And the whole pumping your own gas thing has always been a struggle for me.

Alas, you can see...I can be quite ignorant. What do I blame it on? Oh, the fact that I was more concerned about the color of Sean's eyes in Physics than quantum mechanics. And I cared about the color of Alyssa's prom dress way more than the color of the Confederate army's uniforms. I mean who remembers World War I anyways. But I also place partial blame on the public schools and the lack of accountability held.

There I said it. And I feel like since I have spent my entire adult life serving the public schools, I can. But I also want to say that public education is the best thing our country has going for it and I believe in it with every fiber of my being. And even though it has some glaring flaws, it is still better than any other country's educational system out there -- even Korea and China. No matter what Alan Greenspan says ... or JG.

But today I about passed out of embarrassment at the Taco Bell drive though. Seriously. I really almost passed out.

I had just finished a grueling Silver Sneakers Yoga class which was intended for senior citizens, and the mexcian monster within was calling my name. So, due to the budgetary constraints, I went to the Bell..cause that bell tolls for me.

And my total was $8.24. I handed the girl a $20 and she took it from my hand while I said,

ME - Oh wait, I have a quarter too.

GIRL - Oh I am sorry. I already punched in $20.

ME - So you can't take my quarter?

GIRL - Uhm, only if you want to wait for my manager to void it and reset it?

ME - Well, can't you just count out the change?

Insert very perplexed face...

Then she handed me $11.25.

ME - No. Let's do this together. Start with just the change. It was $.24 and I gave you $.25 so how much change should you give me.

Then she handed me a penny. VERY GOOD.

ME - Now it was $8 and I gave you $20. So how many dollars should I get back.

And she handed me $11.

ME - No, It should be $12.

GIRL - But the screen says $11.76.

ME - But I gave you the quarter, remember?

GIRL - And I gave you a penny, remember? (WITH A LITTLE BIT OF SARCASM)

ME - Okay, I am right. Give me $12.01 and a taco supreme with a Dr Pepper and no one will get hurt.

I must get back into the classroom.


Kim said...

That's why you've gotta move out to California, Baby! Best hamburgers evah at In and Out Burger AND they make their clerks count back change!

cynthia said... won't find much more than that here in the "ATL"...
sad huh?

Adrenalynn said...

I have just stopped giving the cashier change like that, they always manage to mess it up. What, don't people learn to count anymore? And Norway has the best public school system. For realz.

Scrappy Girl said...

Yikes! Unfortunately your story doesn't surprise me. Very common. So cool that you are doing the senior yoga thing. I need to get my big butt in gear and get active.

theotherblonde said...

I do that at Sonic just to be mean! LOL There is a reason they are working fast food and it's not because they are studying to be a DR..

I started going to yoga again too, although it's not a Sr. class, it could be. ;)

Michelle said...

I totally understand what happened with you at the fast food place. A couple of months agao, I went to Sonic. My order was $1.81. I gave the teenager $2.01. She just looked at me for a LONG time. I finally had pity on her and said:"Two dimes, baby!" She still didn't understand. Thank goodness, I had never taught her math when she was in elementary school!

row. said...

Oh this post made my day, funny!
and gosh dangit now ...
yo querro taco bell!

Jennifer said...

JG + CD = short changed!!!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

this is one of my biggest pet peeves! even if clerks can count back the change the computer says to hand out they are NEVER taught how to make change in their head. it's not calculus here...just count...argh! please run..don't walk back to the classroom, CG!

Nicole Mc said...

This is so funny and sad at the same time. My little sister is not stupid but she just CAN NOT wrap her brain around counting back change. I have tried so many times. For some reason i love to count back change. Call me crazy, I was always playing "store" when i was little just so i could be like "here is blah, blah, and blah, and 7, 8 makes 20!" Ok, i'm a loser!

Kila said...

Whew, someone is worse at math than I am ;)

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

jennifer....ha ha ho ho hee hee giggle giggle snort.

so very true.

Sada said...

you are so hilarious! It is so sad our students don't truly learn the basics! I'm thankful you are/were/will in the school system!!!

Dana Jones said...

She has a bright future ahead of her in fast food, though!