Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Actual Conversation

While at Kohl's shopping in the little girl underwear section

Eldest Twerp - Mom, why are there bras in the kid's section?

Me - Well, as you get older and develop, you will need to start wearing a bra.

Eldest Twerp - When will that be?

Me - Oh probably pretty soon. When you start developing breasts and need to cover them so they don't show through your shirt.

Eldest Twerp -- Mom, maybe I will be like you and never need one.


PS There will be a Journey concert update soon...it's not as bad as you think...unless you are not thinkin very bad.


Simply Me... said...

That is so funny girl! Miss ya and I haven't seen you lately Hmmm.


theotherblonde said...

Oh no! Too funny! - Sorry! My youngest is getting "close" and for her a bra is like asking her to kiss a frog.

Becky :) said...

She is hilarious.!!!! My daughter was so worried when she was going through puberty. She saw what Mama had and didn't want all that! :-)
To bad cause she got it all!!!

Mama C. said...

Yep, that's a bonafide twerp for ya! :)

My oldest daughter is now occasionally wearing a training bra (underneath her lighter colored clothing)... at the tender age of NINE. It totally traumatized me to have to go into the 'tween section of the clothing store, and pick through these teeny-tiny little bits of pieced together triangles to find one that didn't look too "old" for my still little girl!

I was a wreck when I presented them to her, wondering if she would be completely mortified and repulsed. But, these patches of cotton had the exact opposite effect on my beloved baby... she threw the bag aside, ripped off the tags as quickly as her nimble little fingers would let her, whipped off her top, and threw on that sucker in 30 seconds flat! She was SOOOO excited! I, on the other hand, was left to ponder this particular rite of passage on the edge of my bed, while she skipped off, with her new piece of equipment peeking out through her shirt, to go listen to some more Hanna Montana or HSM. Sigh.

Feel free to come cry on my shoulder, when the time comes for you to experience crossing over this particular threshold, too.


The Kelso-Winter Family said...

I can identify with Twerpette cause I once grabbed the loose skin on the back of my mom's arm..poor mama was a wee bit older than the average mama and said "what is this chickeny looking stuff back here?" (honed and toned triceps they are on me dontcha know?) it's a wonder she ever fed me after that.