Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Black and White. White and Black

Me and Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones and I. Night and Day. Day and Night.

There are no two more different people on the face of the earth. Do you see that Starbuck's cup? It is a small black coffee. Ya, that is what he gets. Me? I got a Venti Vanilla Latte. More on this later.

But despite our differences, he still tries hard to unite us. And the proof was in the pudding Saturday night. Back in my old house in my old city in my old state in my old time zone, just around the corner from my house there was this CHEAP Mexican restaurant that I LOVED. I ate there three times a week and never tired. I was like the Norm of Taco Del Mar. Everybody knew my name and we were one big happy family. (Big is metaphorically speaking, of course.)

Since then I have had the shakes and sleepless nights and the skin crawls, craving Taco Del Mar - the food of the Gods. But alas, there are none in my new town in my new state in my new time zone. So I weep.

But IJ found Willy's. And yes, it is a distant cousin of Taco Del Mar...and for a moment in time, all was well and wonderful with the world. Not just anyone can walk into a place like this and know how to eat these MONDO burritos. Let me demonstrate, shall I? You turn in on its end like a beer can and unwrap.
You see the novices, cause they just unwrap the burrito and then it is everywhere and they have to eat it with a fork -- poor souls.That my friends is a MONDO burrito -- a slice of heaven on earth. Burp.

PS Marchelle -- Tropic Thunder -- hi larry us. Go forth and see.

PSS Feather made me delete the last two pics cause she said they made me look bad. What-eva.


Jenn said...

We have Taco del Mar here in Idaho. I love...Love...LOVE it. SO yummy. And those MONDO burritos? They aren't kidding! It's definitely a FULL meal.

Marchelle said...

that's my country girl, drinkin a michelob ultra.

Hi! My name is Heidi! said...

Fun! I have never heard of that in midwestern IL.

Can't wait to see the movie!

RachelD. said...

Thanks for the tip on how to eat those burritos! We eat at Chipotle and I've always ended up eating with a fork and knife.

OK I spent several minutes trying to figure out what was "wrong" with your husband's arm in the first picture. It looked really lumpy. I just figured out it was his hand :) Anyways, looks like you had a fun night!

Tara said...

I think we are soul sisters...cept you got the funny bone! LOL. My husband orders a venti bold with caramel syrup and whip cream (gag!) and I get grande toffe nut latte. I love me some cheap mexican food, too. We went out for it on our first date and the night before my daughter was born. Good times, good times.

spanki said...

we had something just like that in college, called a freebird burrito! oh it takes me back to the days i wore pajama pants all day, stayed out all night and ate my leftovers to cure the dreaded hangover that awaited me in the mornings!!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

wait! if they have taco del mar in idaho maybe it will sneak across the border into canada... we have no mexicans up here and very few texans..hence..no good TEx-mex! i'm jealous!

Dana Jones said...

Okay, now I am feeling bad because I suspect I am the only one who still wears pajama pants all day?? Spanki? True or not?

And I am going to try Taco del mar since it got the CG thumbs up! But I will put on my street clothes first. I promise.

the wifey said...

ahhhh!!!! you have a WILLY's?!?!? i have been trying for so long to explain to my hubby how willy's is just SO much better than moe's, but i still haven't had a chance to take him to one yet. next time we visit my parents, though, i'm totally making it a point to take him. those burritos ROCK.

feather k said...

Dreams...I didnt "make" you do anything...I just strongly suggested because I don't want anyone to have negative thoughts toward you...I want to reserve that for me...ha...xoxo