Monday, August 11, 2008


Eldest and Middle Twerp are in school so Baby Twerp and I are kicking it old school.
I put on some classic 80' rock, the music of the gods, and Baby Twerp went and put on his is a jungle out there without his siblings. He is lost...he does not know what to do...the toys are HIS...ALL HIS. [insert evil laughter]
But while he is prepared for battle, I am coping others ways....HELLO LOVER...
and they gave me a little coupon for a 2 buck frap after 2....HELLO, SCHOOL IS OUT AT 2. Coincidence or are the gods of heaven opening the windows and pouring forth blessings more than my wine skins can contain...[i have no clue what i am sayin]. Amen.

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Just The Girl said...

I love Starbucks and now I get to love them two times in one day!!!!