Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting Into The Swing Of Things

So I have entered the world of sports. And it is like a new undiscovered world for me. I do not know the lingo, the style, nor the proper etiquette.
But I do know that you cannot go wrong with pink. Therefore, we got a pink helmet, pink cleats, and a pink bat.
I so think these factors enabled us to succeed in our foreign exchange program into sports. I only shouted, "Push them back, sack the quarterback" once. She calls me her Aunt in public now. But really my girl has some skillz.
I am pretty sure it is all the time I have spent doing drills in the backyard. I am so thankful all that sweat and hard work is paying off. The rewards of parenting are amazing.
Then they tell me she has batting cage practice Saturday morning...uhm, WHAT?Middle Twerp cannot wait for his season to begin...
Patience is not a virtue of his.
And Baby Twerp?Well, he thinks he is playing...His season is in full swing.And let me tell ya, he is gonna be great. Kinda.
And Country Girl? She spent half the time telling Eldest Twerp to put on her mitten and the other half looking for her sunglasses. Oh Lordy-Be. Just look where they were.

Ready? Okay!


Jenn said...

You are in luck! I am a self-proclaimed softball guru. I have played since I was a wee child. Any questions you have....I'm your girl!

feather k said...

the question may need to be are you ready? okay? :) Pink looks good and way to coordinate the brown practice outfit with the pink...

~Mad said...

I am forever losing my glasses ON MY HEAD! I thought it was my age?

Go Team!
~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

Heidi said...

Awwwwwwwww! I remember the days of my girls in softball! Great memories! Have fun! LOVE the pink n brown! Way to go mom!

Heidi said...

I forgot to say "your hair is soooooooooooooooo gorgeous"! and ask "how long does it take you to wash, dry and curl it"? Thank you;)

Bekah said...

haha nicely done!

Bekah said...

haha nicely done!

Dana Jones said...

ET looks like a natural! Okay, here is a common cheer heard at softball and baseball (when your team is up to bat) "We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher!" I know, it is a cruel sport. This cheer could get you thrown out of the park, as will "Hey Ump, are you blind?"

Also commonly heard from knowing parents:
When your team is up to bat:
"Eye on the ball" Encouraging words
"Make contact" means hit the ball
"Base hit!" takes the pressure off of them to get a home run.
"Out a the park" and "c'mon slugger!" intimidates the other team.

When your team is on the field:
"Watch the runner!" someone is about to steal a base
"Shake it off!" when they screw up or get hurt
"Hustle!" and "Look Alive!" means get serious about it, stop picking daisies, etc.
Basically they can't hear you out there anyway so don't stress it too much.

You'll pick up a few more as the season goes on!

Becky :) said...

I just love baseball/softball. It's what I live for.!!!!! I love baby twerp and his glove on upside down.
I hope we will get regular updates on the season as it starts, can't wait to hear how good Eldest Twerp is.!!!!

theotherblonde said...

You can't go wrong in pink! Thats fo-sure! But who are those really big girls behind ET. I hope they are not on her team!

theotherblonde said...

If you really want some bench cheers, let me know, my 2 girl twerps know them all.