Wednesday, August 27, 2008


  1. Baby Twerp threw up in the car rider line
  2. I forgot the wipes
  3. And a nose mask
  4. Baby Twerp is still running a temp
  5. He better get well soon cause his birthday is coming up
  6. And it looks like I gotta get a truck cake
  7. But not if he is sick enough to throw it up on me
  8. I got a thermometer at CVS
  9. It turns green if they are normal,
  10. Orange if a slight temp
  11. Red if he is on fire
  12. He is orange
  13. I am so glad I am not color blind
  14. Except for last night while watching the DNC
  15. I wish I was color blind to Hillary's orange pantsuit
  16. I want a job in politics
  17. Cause I am SO knowledgeable of that stuff and all
  18. But I think I would represent the real peeps out there
  19. And my first line of business would be to clarify that the Peach State is not at war with Russia
  20. And there are no police barricades in Atlanta
  21. Cause I think CNN was not very clear about that
  22. And some were confused
  23. Not me or anything
  24. Anyhoo, I am still searching for a job
  25. That is all I am saying about that
  26. But I am picky
  27. And I know what I want
  28. There are two places I wanna work
  29. They have not called me
  30. What is up with that?
  31. I did apply to Ted Turner
  32. He denied me
  33. What ev-a
  34. I could potentially have LARGE changes in my future in 8-10 months
  35. Don't ya hate it when people dangle a carrot out there and then leave it
  36. Yeah, me too
  37. I am going back to Oklahoma for a visit
  38. I have on cute shoes
  39. My baby is sick
  40. And I love you.


Hope4Grace said...

the perfect solution for your day is a whiskey soother....

Peppermint, whiskey, more peppermint and a spoonful of honey.

Heat in micro for 1 minute.


Oh it's for you

Baby Twerp will have to get his own

bakerchick103 said...

You know, it takes a strong woman to snap a pic of her kid right after he throws up. Cause when My kid throws up, I have to holler for my man. And he has to come to the rescue. Cause I cant take the whole throwing up thing. Cause it's gross. Even though they can't help it. And I love them. It's still gross. You go girl.

CindyDianne said...

I gagged just looking at the picture.

Have a good visit in Okieland.

So, when are you taking the test?

L said...

Are you going to have to re-name baby twerp =)

Becky :) said...

That poor little guy. Makes you just want to snuggle him. Until he does it again.
I hope he gets better before his birthday cuz that's no way to spend the day.

Hi! My name is Heidi! said...

8-10 months???? Are you prego???

Kim said...

I'm thinking your kids' college funds will have to be used for therapy. Do you have a camera surgically attached to your shutter finger? : )

cynthia said...

you're pregnant!

baby twerp will need a new name...
poor guy.

Anonymous said...

POAS! POAS!! I can't have more babies, so I have to live vicariously.

Chris said...

No way!!! Is that a baby or a carrot? I'm happy for you, either way, because I love you too.

The Rose Fam said...

I SO HATE VOMIT!!! I totally FREAK OUT about vomit and your taking pics and blogging about it! Why can't I be like you?!

J. Leigh Designz said...

Hey you've been tagged.

Check it out!

BTW...bless your soul, I would of healed over myself!

Bekah said...

now see...its going to be all sort of confusing with two middle twerps...unless you can pull the baby girl twerp, baby boy twerp line.

Andie said...

Poor baby and POOR YOU!!!!

momto3cubs said...

I hope he's feeling better.

Good thing you have the easy-to-wipe-off leather seats. I insisted on those when we bought our new vehicle.

Dana Jones said...

Oh I am so sorry about baby twerp. Poor little guy!
If you want to meet at Starbucks while you're here, give me a shout!

I curled my haor like you showed yesterday before meeting hubby for lunch and he was all like, WOW! Gee you look PRETTY! So I guess I'll invest in a better curling iron.

Marchelle said...

don't be dangling carrots with a time span equal to embryonic gestation, country girl!!!

when are you going to OK? my momma and i are taking a 3 day road trip to bartlesville sept 12-14! family reunion and all. oh, that must be when you're going since we're related and all!

Marchelle said...

Not that I have that "meunchousen by proxy" or whatever it is, but I just love a sick baby. I mean the whole sleepy and want to cuddle in mommy's bed and not be bratty part. Not the vomit part.

And not that I LOVE them to be sick, but I love the nurturing part of it... am I making any sense at all or just sounding like a psycho-nut-job? Please don't call CPS.

Lo said...

Maybe (if the assumption is correct) new twerp can be "baby bump twerp" at least for the 8-10 month struggle...uggh I did not like being pregnant

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

all carrot-dangling aside...i LOVED the part about GA not being at war with Russia. now THAT is an informed voter for ya... you mean the UGA Bulldogs aren't on the battlefield with Putin's Pugilists? you spread the word...