Thursday, September 18, 2008

Accusations Schmacusations - Exhibit A

I, Country Girl, have been accused of being a fuddy dud. A FUDDY DUD! By someone in my own household. Whatever! As if. I cannot even respond to such INSANE claims. For-real. But for the record, I like so am not. Okay, fine - I will respond. But not cause I have to or anything, but cause I want to. Yeah, I am in control like that here peeps.

Let me introduce Exhibit A.
Indiana Jones and I {and some of his troops} went deep sea fishing in the Pacific Ocean while we were in Guam. We rented a boat and an old man who knew what he was doing.....And went off in search of Mahi Mahi. I was so trying to pretend I had a clue about what I was doing while asking the soldiers not to block my sun. But let me just say for the record that MY fish...was the biggest.
Do you see Fuddy Duds out deep sea fishing and catching the BIGGEST fish. Yea, that is what I thought. And please notice....Six People...Seven Fish....I caught two. Miss No Way Fuddy Dud.Then our sweet fisherman skinned them and cleaned them and I cooked em up for the men that night. I am straight up telling you that was the BEST fish I have ever eaten in my life. Insert Exhibit B
Indiana Jones kept telling me how wonderful the hiking trails were in Guam.
I assumed TRAILS meant paved paths....uh...wrong.
So off we went for a little hike... Six hours, tired, hyperventilating, and wishing the world was air conditioned...
We arrived the middle of NO WHERE.
And it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my to my babies. And after six hours, I was all about jumping in....
Ya see that big black thang in front of me in the water....I have no clue, but I swear it was a python or boa constrictor....Seriously. But if ya don't mind, I'll stay in these water...
But NOT cause I am a FUDDY DUD. What-eva.


Marchelle said...

i flippin love me some mahi mahi.

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Who in the world accused you of that???

OMG! I noticed that black think BEFORE I read what you wrote! I have the hebegebes now! Ew! Ick! Scary!

Did you know it was there when you were in the water????????

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

The world could use a few fuddy duds. years ago when my 1 year old niece heard someone say that I was a goofball she retorted right away: "Goofballs is good!"

Dana Jones said...

All kids reach a stage where they think their parents are fuddy-duddy's. If they didn't end up with disregard for their parents ideals, then they might not ever leave home. We wouldn't want that, but their growing independence is a hard thing to cope with when you are the one who has cleaned up every poopy day and given them all you can for their good.

WE, your adoring public, know you are ANYTHING BUT a fuddy-duddy!