Sunday, October 26, 2008

Disney Day Three: Where Dreams Really Do Come True

I wanted the perfect family pic at Disney...
Cause I am anal like that and all
But my Twerps has other items on the agenda.
Punks....So we had to settle for this.
Food always seems to do the trick. And let me be the first to say that these pineapple floats were the next best thing to Dr Pepper lip gloss. I know. Those are fightin words - but true.
Middle Twerp loved all the characters walking around. It was so sweet to see the awe in his eyes. And the terror and fear in Baby Twerp's eyes. We are not real sympathetic parents. We feel like you should face your fears. So we throw him in front of this huge wild monkey. We think it is effective.
Look, we did it to Eldest Twerp and she turned out okay...right?But the highlight of the trip....BY FAR...was this.We went to see Ariel on Friday...when it was raining...and NO ONE was there...and there were NO lines.
But we could not find her. And Eldest Twerp kept telling me to go look at Ariel's Grotto. And I was all like THAT IS JUST A RIDE -- SHE IS NOT I was totally wrong. And when she finally convinced me to go look, it was a 45 minute wait...and it was well into the afternoon...and EVERYONE was worn out. And there was NO WAY we were waiting.
So we left and she never complained. And I overheard her talking to a girl at the pool that night and she said, "Disney was so cool. I did not get to see Ariel though, but it will be okay. I should just be thankful for what I have."
So I went and got a stupid 2-day pass and kicked myself in the butt. What was 45 stinkin minutes?So we went back the next day and it was all worth it for this....As I took my pics I of Eldest Twerp and Ariel I a baby. Because you know what that look is? It is the last look of childhood. The last gaze of awe and amazement. The last look of belief and innocence. And I wanted to bottle it up and hold onto it forever.
And then I thought back to my last look of childhood and innocence and I recreated it for you my friends...It was just last week.
But the wait was well worth fulfilling her dreams. And reminiscing about mine.


Adventure girl wanna be said...

Way, way awesome! So happy for your family!

Dana Jones said...

so true! As I was reading the post, I kept thinking you know Ariel looks only a few years older than ET. They grow up so fast, and let me tell you, you will have rare glimpses of your precious twerp for many years when you'll think "she is still my little girl!"

She is so grown up looking in pictures, it is so nice to see she still enjoys the things of childhood.

Protect her, cause she is precious!

Lo said...

Now I'm tearing up! I see my little ones getting older and I try to treasure each moment. We are privileged to get to see our babies turn into the neatest women and men we've ever met. I know what your seeing and it's beautiful!

Marchelle said...

you are so awesome.
i cried looking at those pics!

PS, my mom was all concerned this weekend about if you heard about the job or not. (their home computer isn't working) so i had to fill her in. she's glad (and able to sleep tonight now!)


Why does the Little Mermaid wear sea shells?
Because "B" shells are too small and "D" shells are too big!

The Queen of Everything said...

My Princess - I finally realized this is an online soap opera! Very modern day only without murder, sex, lies,drugs and crazy people...okay...maybe just one...however she is the one who is loved by all! Thank you for taking ET back to see Ariel! That's what makes you a princess, cuz you are like that and all. U will make a great Queen someday.

Tracie said...

Disney-where "Dreams come true"

That is so awesome! Yea ET!!!

Carrie said...

OK...I have Kleenex's stuffed up both nostrils! I'm sobbing...thanks! So happy for you ET! Country Girl, you are one amazing MOM!!!

Momma_Hug@Traveling Treasures said...

This is a wonderful post! Your family is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your trip and the wonderful, unforgettable moments between your beautiful daughter and Ariel.

Elisa said...

That's so lovely! She will cherish that for a long time, I am sure. You are such a good mom :-)

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

and bless ET's heart for saying "i should just be grateful for what i have." If ever a little girl was more grateful for a sitdown with ariel i couldn't imagine it. way to go, mom! dreams do come true!