Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am an over-preparer. It is my very nature. I think it comes from a very valid fear of looking completely stupid and inept -- thus I run through every scenario possible in my creative imagination....just in case.

So, as today is my final interview for THE job...I am ready at 8:30 for my Noon appointment. Now I have NOT put on my suit...but if you have kids, you know that will be the LAST thing I do before I walk out the door. Amen.

So here I am getting my game face on....Getting stoked...ready....prepared.
Okay, so this is really what I look like, but I am trying to exude some sort of confidence here peeps, work with me. Here I am when they try to ACT all coy like they don't know if they want me or not. I got their ticket baby. So is it I got their number? Or is it Welcome To The Gun Show? I better just stay away from that saying. Here I am when they low ball me with some ridiculous salary and benefits package.
Here is when they say, "Oh, we were just kidding....we want you....we need you... you are perfect....exactly what we need to soar this company to its destiny." Or something like that.
Here I am when I sign on the dotted line.
Of course, it could be a restraining order I am signing. But just let me have my moment of glory...okay?
And this is the "get in the car and finally realize it is all over face." Start your Hail Marys now. Obviously I could use all the Buddha belly rubbin I can get.


PS You have no idea how your comments brightened ET's day. She was up at 6:30 am to see if any more had posted. Yeah, thanks. :o)


Marchelle said...

you will do great!! just don't light any model cars on fire and you're in.

i am prayin for ya sista!
and hailin' mary and rubbin' budha bellies too, just in case.

SondreLyn said...

Good luck, I know you will do great! The pix are hilarious!

Just The Girl said...

Good Luck today!

Wow I love how you handled ET. I hope that when my daughter goes thru all this (and I know she will) that I will handle myself with as much grace as you have!

Have a great time in Disney!

edie+steve said...

The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord look upon you with favor, and give you peace. Amen. Many wishes for a great day and weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. Go knock 'em dead tiger!! Make sure to check your teeth before you go in!!!

Jenn said...

Good luck!!! You will do great - we all know it. And I love what I can see of the sweater you are wearing in the picture.....could we get a full shot of it when you can?

And have fun at Disney!!!

Mishel said...

No Buddah rubbin' here just straight prayers to the Father for you! ~Philippians 4:6-7

ET seems like a real doll. I'm sure you are very proud of her. You're a good momma, it shows.

Tracie said...

Good Luck today and have fun at Disney.

Marla @ Stolen Bon Bons said...

Crossing fingers, toes, and eyes wishing you luck this afternoon!

You crack me up with your pictures! Thank for add all the extra minutes to my life. At 3 seconds per laugh I should be good for at least a few more years..lmbo!

Becky :) said...

You are gonna do awesome!!!!!

I will be saying the Hail Mary's and rubbin the Buddha Belly!!!!!

Linda said...

Break a leg! Not really, Oh you know what I mean! Good Luck!

feather k said...

How could they say no to that face...those faces???

The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...

Hope everything went great and that you found favor with the interviewer(s). You've got a lot to offer and I'm sure any company would be crazy not to hire you. Who wouldn't want a creative, classy gal like yourself!

ET hope you have a wonderful day!!!Thanks for the great post!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Hope all went well. Good luck!

The woman said...

I have to say I love your blog. And this entry was absolutely priceless. You and hope4grace seriously need to write books. You have a gift of writing to get people involved in your story :)