Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Morning

We have left Oklahoma and are east bound. Indiana Jones and Middle Twerp are still upstairs snoozing away in the room. The 8,421 degrees BELOW ZERO room. I am telling you I became a human Popsicle last night. One of those grape. Cause it is my fav flavor. And I think it is the friendliest color...and if I were a Popsicle, I would wanna be the friendliest.
Anyhoo, as these Twerps are going through the breakfast bar at a rate that might get us kicked out at any given moment, I am trying to upload my photos of the wedding, a teenage birthday party, a political discussion, and interesting pics of Fukudome. Yeah, don't ask. You will see soon enough.

So, my loves, off to get my pics that will provide hours of embarrassing moments for you to die laughing at. That is me. Embarrassing myself for your entertainment. You can always count on me.

I have missed you something fierce,


Marchelle said...

we've missed you too... i HATE when real life gets in the way of blogging! gah!

Treasia said...

Have a safe trip home. Missed your blogging but enjoying your comments on twitter. Each and every move. LOL.

Jenn said...

Can't wait to see/read all about it!

Christy said...

I've missed you, too! Your posts are a bright spot in my day!

Kim said...

Missin' you too!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

is BabyT trying to thread a cheerio onto the fork? welcome back to bloggin' baby!