Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Drugs, Comas, and My Vote for President

Eldest Twerp has been complaining of a sore throat all weekend so I made a doctor's appointment for her at 3:30 yesterday after school -- she has an infection in her throat and was put on antibiotics. Baby Twerp hopped right up on the examination table and told the doc to check his ear cause it hurt.

The doc played along cause he is sweet and a GREAT pediatrician. Then he frowned and called for the nurse. Apparently, BT had a severe ear infection and a temp of 101.5. It was that 1/2 day of daycare we went to yesterday. See? Shesh!

Then Middle Twerp looked up and wanted his ears checked too. Everybody needs attention ay my house. And...you guessed it...he has an ear infection too.

Who is this kids' mother? Who does not notice these things? It is one of those mothers that sticks her poor babies in day care while she goes gallivantin round town lookin at her new office and signing paperwork and buying these....Unfit care giver.

Anyhoo, the doc called in THREE prescriptions for the twerps and we went to Target while we waited. When we went through the drive-thru to get the scripts, only Middle Twerps was called in. No others. And the pediatrician's office was closed so they could not call.

I went ahead and filled MT and went home to call the answering service for the others. I was successful and at 7 pm I went to pick up the others. Except they only called in BT.

AHHHH! I called back and got ET's filled. At 8:30 pm it was ready.

Here is where it gets embarrassing....REAL EMBARRASSING!

The Twerps were all sleepin in Eldest Twerp's bed. So went I woke them up to get in the car in their jamies and get that script for ET.

Middle Twerp got up and sat on the steps in a sleepy coma. Eldest Twerp was putting on different pants and I started to carry sleepy BT down the stairs...in my black spikey-heeled boots...

I did not see MT sitting on that top step and well, I kinda , tripped/stepped over him.

I knew I was going down so I tucked Baby Twerp and curled up...

The last thing I remember was my head hitting the hardwood floor and a bright white light.

I was knocked out cold.

Since Indiana Jones is out of town, when I woke up Eldest Twerp had BT and Middle Twerp was putting a pillow under my head and kissing me like he was the prince trying to awake his princess ... followed by pain. Oh Oh Oh PAIN!

Nothing is broken...nothing serious...SO glad it was not on video.

I have some pretty good bruises and a big old knot on my head. And three scared Twerps that are treating me like a queen today.

I was not out long as we were at Wal Green's by 9:00 to get ET's medicine and then EVERYBODY went to bed. I was beat. Literally.

I was hoping I would awake with a realization of who to vote for today. Like Eli Stone and the choir of angel shining forth upon a candidate.

But alas, this did not happen.

So, here are my thoughts - post coma- this morning. Let's all remember to LOVE and don't go hatin anyone.

In my original post yesterday asking you guys about your opinions for the presidential candidate, I had said the entire ProLife/ProChoice was off the table. I said that because most people have extremely strong feeling that I COMPLETELY respect on this issue and I wanna get to more issues and not just this one -- although, I agree, it is VERY big.

Now here is where I stand. Realize first I JUDGE NO ONE and love you all. I respect each and every one of you for you values, opinions and stances. I LOVE YOU ALL regardless if you agree or not.

I think about when I was waiting in the doctor's waiting room pregnant for the second time, but yet to hold a baby in my arms. A young girl sat beside me in tears. And as we began to talk she had made the decision to have an abortion at 5 months because there was a tumor on her uterus that would either kill her or the baby. She felt she really had no decision at all. The baby's father had left and she had already ruled out an abortion early on because of her values and beliefs. Now she felt she had no other choice and was distraught. As I sat there with her, we cried together. And while I felt such pain for her, I felt so relieved I did not have to go through that. So relieved that at 10 weeks, my baby was healthy and fine and I would finally hold him and sing to him -- poor soul.

At that appointment I realized my baby had not survived and they scheduled me for a DNC (a medical term for an abortion) in 2 days.

I wanted to go back out to find that girl sitting in the waiting room. I wanted to talk with her so badly. She was gone.

Did I agree with that girl's decision? To abort a living baby? To risk the chance of negating a miracle? It does not matter. It does not matter one bit. Cause I had not been there through the sleepless nights and the painful decisions and the lonely appointments. I do not know what she should have done. I do not know. But I know that I am glad she had the choice to decide. She deserved that.

I then think about my sorority sister who at 18 was pregnant from a fling. Whose parents would desert her if she was pregnant. Who was sitting on our coach in the office and DID NOT want to be pregnant. I pleaded. I begged. I made a plan...17 plans... that would have worked. I set up appointments and counselors and mentors and did everything to help her keep the baby. She got an abortion the next week.

Do I agree with her? No. Do I love her? Yes. Do I judge her? No. She had a different set of circumstances than me. She lived a different life than me, she had her life to live. Now, happily married, she is still torn over that decision. And it affects her daily. My judgement or thoughts are nothing compared to what she does to herself daily. She made a decision. I love her regardless. She had that right. I did not.

I think back to Eldest Twerp's mom, who at 15 was pregnant for the second time. How she had that choice. And she made the single bravest decision I think any woman could make. Following right behind that is the day she stood in the courtroom and a year, could have taking ET back. But she chose to sign her rights over to us. That is courage beyond my wildest imagination. That is a brave woman of integrity that I have nothing but respect and love for.

But having said that, I love and respect all these woman. But at the end of the day, I do not feel I have the right to choose for them in these situations.

So that is where I stand. I still love you all and appreciate, understand, and respect all sides. I really do.

I do feel safe with McCain at the helm with national security and the control of our troops. And as a wife of a military man who did two 6-month tours, I want our troops home so badly. But not above what is best for our country. I do not know the right answer here. But I do know John McCain has been there. And I trust him.

Heath Care -- we need an answer. And not later. I do not think Obama's plan is the answer but I do appreciate a move...a step...in the direction of solving the problem. I do not want to sit for 4 more years and say we have tried nothing. I would rather try and fail and learn and retry...than do nothing.

Energy -- McCain seems to have a plan for offshore drilling and nuclear power plants (that would also create jobs in the US) but this also raised SEVERAL issues that would need to be solved. Again, I would rather be failing and trying than succeeding at doing nothing.

Taxes -- I have no clue. I have no wealth to spread around. I wanna help people but not enable them. If we ever solve that problem I think we would have solved a lot. At the end of the day people do not need to be forced to redistribute their wealth. People need to be compassionate on their own and help people. How can you drive by a hungry homeless man? He might buy alcohol or drugs! Yeah, maybe. Or he might really need help. I am not judging. Everyone knows someone who can benefit from your help. Build a relationship with those people. Make a commitment and make a difference. We are not gonna change the world giving every homeless man our pocket change everyday. But we will make a difference if we ALL chose ONE person to help. I think we have all had that ONE that has made a difference in our lives. That ONE that encouraged and mentored us. That ONE that made the difference in who we are today. Now, it is your turn to give back. Find your ONE to invest in....to change. Be a difference maker.

Economy -- Well, I think no matter who gets chosen there is gonna be some pain we are gonna feel. We all need to sacrifice to help.

I like the way Obama inspires and focuses on service to our country. For something bigger than myself. I like his fresh new ideas and the hope for something new and clean. I think he is smart and well grounded and truly cares for our nation.

I like the way McCain has been there done that. He had proven his integrity, his love for his country, and his passion for the American people. I respect him immensely and feel like - although he has not always made the best decisions every time - he has learned from mistakes and held firm to his beliefs. I cannot talk about his running mate however. I really can't. I am so so sorry.

So, in less than an hour I am gonna go decide -- with three twerps in tow. Maybe if I black out one more time I will know. You never know, with my clumsy record, it could happen.

Thanks for all your help and advice yesterday. I love you all. And I RESPECT every one's opinions and beliefs.

Thanks for being you.



Lesa said...

Knocked out cold? OMG! Girl, slow down! You can't do everything! As for the voting, you will know. Go with your gut. As for redistribution of weath, I don't agree. I get up and go to work every day, 2 jobs, although I would love to lay around on my ars all day and collect a check that comes in, that isn't what America is supposed to be. It was supposed to be a place where you can come and live out your dreams. Where you work hard and anything is possible. Work hard is the key there... not find a way to live off the system. I'll get off my soapbox now. Take care!

Tracie said...

First, so glad you were not seriously hurt with that fall!! Secondly, What a great post! I like your views on the issues.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that your okay after your big tumble! My kids would have helped me and then probably laughed after they knew I was okay.

MauritaMason said...

Just wanted to say that I voted for John McCain. The decision was easy, really. I had a choice about who my oldest son's next boss was going to be - my son who at this moment is going to bed south of Baghdad - and I picked the man with the best resume and the best character.

Marchelle said...

i just want to say that i voted and got my starbucks, and that's really all that matters, isn't it? =P

and for the record, not that it really matters, but just so its on the record anyway, even though i am a republican, i agree with you whole heartedly on a woman's right to choose. that's between her and God. not her and the government.

Marchelle said...

PS - i GUESS falling down the stairs and getting knocked out is a good enough excuse for not emailing me back. what-eva!

Dana and Daisy said...

Whatever happens today, let's all have hope for the future and remember that change begins inside each of us.

Obama doesn't have the only answers for change and hope. A lot of people are putting all their hope in him, and I think we can't expect government to solve all the problems of the world.

Dana and Daisy said...

sorry, I got lost in the politics stuff, and I forgot to say how compassionate you are with others and how you are always doing your very best to do everything your twerps need!

Jenn said...

OMG I hope your head is ok! What a bummer that all three Twerps had something wrong with them. :( But that's sooooo cute that they slept in the same bed. And I'm glad they helped their mama after the fall. You have great kids!!

Linda said...

OK, the shoes? To die for! But NOT LITTERALLY!!! Girl! You're lucky you didn't break your neck! Next time CALL before you go.
I second marchelle; it's none of the govenments business.
Let's all keep our fingers crossed. Whoever "wins" today, let's just hope it US!

The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...

Just wanted to say that I think you are dead on with government not being the answer to everyone's problems. There is a thing called personal responsibility and another thing called compassion. If we have both and (more importantly) act on both, many people could be a lot better off--including the one offering the help.

Paige said...

Maybe the rest of the world needs a little black out if the result is that you then see things clearly.

Whatever you decide, you worked at it and that is what matters--you did not come to your conclusion based on some foolish email you got, that has no basis in fact, or some emotional reaction to a hot issue--but you thought about it

If only everyone would

Anonymous said...

Hope your head is feeling better! I'd suggest a practical flat for everyday running around. My best wishes to your sick little ones.

~Mad said...

Well put!
I did my homework, I read, and finally, after reading all of ya'll's comments last night etc etc - I made up my mind just before I put pen to ballot.Then I went to get my free Starbucks.

Your vote will come.

Glad your head is okay. Glad you got the shoes. Glad your kids went for the pillow.

Glad glad glad!

~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

Lo said...

oh my goodness!!!!!!! GIRL you are crazy!!! phew i am SO glad that you are okay. seriously get that checked out tho bc falls tend to wreck havoc and you may not realize it until too late. i know from experience- i once gave myself a black eye (and a bad infection from a cut on my cheekbone) bc i fell down the stairs!!! yeah. everyone was like good lordy i hope he didn't hit you. yeah. i'm such a klutz.

i hope you feel better, i hope all the twerps feel better, and thank you for such a good post. you've got a good heart!!

Christy said...

Sorry about your fall, and about the sick twerps. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!
And that was a very well thought out post. Thank you.

Pip said...

Good comments. You know that's the first time you didn't have a picture! I wouldn't have either if I had fallen and I have - in very public places - in college. Need I say more.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

pip -- THE SHOE...THE SHOE girlfriend!

edie+steve said...

Very well said my friend. I love your piece on personal responsibility. I take exception with your stance on abortion because if a woman has a right to 'choose' then when did she inherit that right......at conception...sometime afterwards? Are her rights inherent in her being human? I think so and I think that's a strong case for protecting the unborn....from premature death. Overall, I was much impressed with your summary of matters though and let me just say that I love reading your blog....it's a breath of fresh air...like getting a letter from a good friend, hand written. So thank you for that....and good luck today.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

you should knock yourself out cold more often. your noggin' does some pretty good thinking and respecting and caring. i say AMEN! and glad you're ok. i'd hate to have to call in a Rx for you too now!

Jenny said...

I agree with "edie+steve". I think that she is absolutely right, and I too enjoy your blog...you crack me up, and I admire the fact that you have blogged on this topic.

The Queen of Everything said...

if the shoe fits....