Friday, December 19, 2008

I Love Frat Boys / I Hate Frat Boys

So we're movin. And what do you need when you are movin? Friends, with trucks.

The problem herein lies ... or is it lies here in ... or is it heroin wins or lies are from heroin or lies within here???

Anyhoo -- my issue: I have no friends. In this state. Minus my beautiful rich cousin. But they are in Florida. Cause that is what beautiful rich people do over Christmas. Notice I am here.

So where would a Country Girl turn in these desperate times? You guessed it...

The Frat Boys.

After I put the Twerps to bed last night I meandered over to their house -- in which I had to knock 87 times and heard A LOT of commotion and cleaning up before the door FINALLY opened. I have NEVER been inside The Frat Boys' House, nor do I ever wanna go. The smell of locker room socks and beer permeates through the steel door enough for me.

Anyhoo, this was the basic conversation:

ME: I am moving Monday.

FB: Can we pick who moves in next door?

ME: I don't care. As long as they can pay for the house.

FB: Well, make sure she's not fat. We have too many fat woman on this street.
{Insert laughs and high fives from Frat Boys. Insert me realizing I am a woman and I live on this street.}

ME: Uhm, okay...can you help me move Monday? I'll totally pay for your gas and buy you lunch and beer.

{Insert 4 more Frat Boys at the mere mention of BEER}

FB: Yeah, we all can help.

With that I start to walk off...

FB: Hey, how old are you?

ME: {over my shoulder} A true lady never tells her age.

{Insert guesses - all too low. I love Frat Boys}

FB: You couldn't like be our mom, could you?

I hate Frat Boys.


Anonymous said...

i laughed right out loud! sorry. I can just hear them....Marchelle's brother started out college joining a fraternity but soon realized he didn't need to pay to have friends. He'S still close to alot of them. (Mainly because he has been friends with them since grade school.)
PS I love your blog.

Tracie said...

LOL! They are young, they shall eventually learn!

I wish I could send you this link I got by e-mail yesterday. I'm trying to copy & paste, but it won't do it. Anyway it's this video about men in the doghouse after buying their wife a bad gift for the holidays. It's like this little dog house prison - it's very cute. Anyway, your frat boys may want to pay attention!

Jemm said...

This is hilarious! They were checking you out!

Dana and Daisy said...

well, take the help, pet the goats one last time and then say Adios Amigos!

they are all going to be old fat men one day and then we will laugh at them.

Portia said...

I so love boys that age, they will work for beer and pizza.

That is wonderful that they are so willing to help you. It says something nice about who they are. Their mama's would be proud.

Good luck with the move.

Brandy said...


Sarah said...

Too funny. I agree they were checking you out. College boys like older women, just not old enough to be their mom's best friend. Plus with all the ways we have to stay young, you'll still be looking good when you are old enough to be thier mom.

Enjoy the cheap labor & the funnies you'll have to share with us & then bid then farewell

J. Leigh Designz said...

OMGawd! Ha! I think its a roit! At least they were willing to help....even if for BEER! You knew right where to go!

I'd be funny if they lady moved in was like 59 and 320lbs LOL!

Writer Chick said...

Make sure they don't get the beer or lunch until the last box is unloaded.

P.S. Are you sure you want them to know where you're moving -- just in case some troll buys your house?