Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's On Like Donkey Kong

Yes, we are moving Sunday at 9 am. As in we are suppose to BE at our new house at 9 am, and it is an hour away. It is 7: 30 am right now. I am blogging. The boys (all three) are asleep and ET is in the bath after a night of vomiting and other things she does not want me to tell you about.

Oh, so we must have gotten all our packing done yesterday and now I am carefree and able to sit here and blog, right? Uhm, I have two boxes packed. Why? Why? What have I been doing?

Important stuff. Life altering important stuff. Cause my little eleven-year-old Twerp started talkin a little smack yesterday at the Aquarium. She thought she was stronger than her MOMMA. Silly Silly Girl.The challenge was on. Come put your money where your mouth is sista.
What one might not realize is the importance if a little chitter chatter during these "How ya feelin?" "Feelin a little nervous?" "Did ya eat your Wheaties this morning?" "Isn't your right arm your weaker arm?" Ya know, just mother/daughter encouragement. That is the kinda parent I am and all -- an encourager.
But I made darn tootin sure she knew the rules cause I did not want a whinny baby when she was defeated... Uhg, whiners. Sore losers - what could be worse?
So it was on like Donkey Kong. I let her have a little bit of a start cause I did not want to crush her self esteem and all. Cause that is the kind of parent I am and all -- I build her up and all.Then it had been awhile and I kinda had to pee so I was just gonna finish her off. Leave the gun, take the cannolis.
And the Red Knights goin down - down, down, down. I show not mercy. Just look at my sheer strength. What a silly naive girl to think that as an eleven-year-old, she could possibly take down such a power house as me. That's right -- Jump back Jack.
Uhm, wait....Uh....I think I am breakin a sweat here.Can we call a time out? I WANT A TIME OUT. TIME TIME TIME.
There was a FOUL! A FOUL! I challenge it. I need an instant replay.
Did you see some suspicious activity somewhere? Anywhere? Anyone?
I have been packin ALL DAY. All those heavy boxes. My little body was just all worn out. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.


Marchelle said...

i just wanna know who was takin the pics? is IJ home, or did you give your camera to a boy twerp?
or employ a total stranger to chronicle a healthy bout of mother daughter arm wrastlin?

Dana and Daisy said...

do you taste that CG? That is the taste of defeat.

But what a gracious winner ET is. Compassion for the weaker one, that is what I read in that last photo.

I'm impressed you made time for this while moving.Not just the blogging but a little fun, too.

Christy said...

I feel your pain. My 5 year old was spewin' from both ends, too. Now everyone was just dying to know that!!

feather k said...

ha...great picks...I was bettin on ET from the beginning...thanx ET I won 50 bucks...

Lo said...

oh how i love thee, country gal. surrreously. and ET too. ya'll rock my socks off!!!

edie said...

Way fun!! Happy moving today. I wish I could come down with my extremely large vehicle and drinks Starbucks with you while we order frat boys around.

As for arm wrestling, I'm a huge fan. I took a vow in 7th grade never to 'go steady' with any boy who could not beat me in arm wrestling. I was strong and single that year. I knew Stevie was the man for me when I saw those biceps.

Good luck today. Drink lots of coffee and pick up some Krispie Kremes....makes everyone work better. Then switch to beer and pizza this evening...makes frat boys work better.

XOXO Love to all! edie

Sarah said...

Too funny. I love to see parents that can still act like a child with their children. Keep it up. I'm always messing with mine, so that they will grow up all normal & not messed up. LOL!
Gman wanted me to ask you after the world of coke, if you'd take him ice skating downtown too. Haha!

No, we are taking the kids next weekend for his b-day. But they just laugh when I tell them that you'll be taking them.( but they do give me that look of are kidding or will CG really be taking us) It has gotten to be a big joke for us.

Pace yourself with the move.

Cathy said...

Good Luck on your move and new house. I would so love to move so I could get rid of junk and start over.

Vaquerogirl said...

HA! What a funny post! Especially the portrait of you two at the end!
Always time for some fun- even in the midst of moving!
Good luck with your new home!

Anonymous said...

What has been the hurry to move?
Did the new house come furnished? What do the kids think about changing schools?
Sorry for all the questions.. ;)

Linda said...

Oh, ET just doesn't know who she's messin with! um...well, ok then. Maybe she does:)

Cynthia said...

Nice to know I'm not the only procrastinator! I loathe moving. Still, I hope you found the energy because it will be wonderful to be in a new home for Christmas!