Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Was Kidnapped

I got home from work Friday and IJ had picked the kids up and was waiting at the door with the bags packed. I knew either he was leaving me or kidnapping me for some romantic getaway. I was relieved that it was the latter. Kinda. I always wanted to do the Beyonce Single Ladies dance. I kid. I kid. I totally kid. (About wanting to be single, not the dancing part.)
Anyhoo, IJ told me we were headed to the mountains.

"To a cabin? "I asked.

"Uhmmm. Kinda," he said.

Then I gulped. Cause I ain't no Ma Ingles. And then I started to panic. What if we were going campin? Like in the woods? With NO 'lecticity. Which would mean no HAIR DRYER and NO CURLIN IRON. And I shared my fears. And it got awful quiet.

Then IJ confessed, "Baby, I forgot your hairdryer and your curling iron. But you won't need it cause you are naturally beautiful. And it will be dark."

He wasn't jokin. Bout forgettin. I choose to believe he was jokin bout the dark part. Cause my therapist can handle no more.

And then we pulled in here.
And as he pulled me off the floor board and pryed me from my fetal position, slapped me around enough to knock my thumb out of my mouth, I saw where we would REALLY be stayin. He is such a jokester. Ha ha hoo hoo hee hee. He really got me. Good one. Minor detail - we forgot swim suits. Except for ET. She forgot pants, underwear and socks. But she DID have her swimsuit. The girl has her priorities in order.Even Baby Twerp was lovin the water -- and we are all painfully aware of the fear and trepidation we overcame this summer. Lord have mercy.
Soon, things got awful quiet followed by an "Oooooooooooooohhhhhhh." And we all knew immediately it was Middle Twerp...
How did we know? You just started readint he blog, huh? Cause everyone of you who read knew it was MT too. Uhm, just look at this face. He had dumped a bucket of rocks in the pool. And being the love and logic parent that I am....I said, You did the crime, you do the time."
So MT had to crawl in the 42 degree water to get the pebbles. All forty eleven of them. Don't you judge me. Cause I wasn't goin.
After that, we put all the Twerps to bed and pretended like we were young with no kids and wrinkle free. This was easier cause it was gettin dark. This is a view IJ and I had from the hot tub....he forgot my swimsuit. So, this is all the pics you will be gettin. Be glad. There was no hair dryer or curling iron or make up and the sun had no quite set yet. Enough said.
Next up: Horse Poop and Kisses.


Jennifer said...

That's exactly my idea of roughing it!

Sally Pepper said...

Sigh....somebody please kidnap me!

Dana and Daisy said...

that IJ, he's a keeper!

I coulda sworn you were goin to tell us MY had dumped somethin' other than rocks into the pool. I dunno where I come up with these things.

Dana and Daisy said...

uhm? CG? Where are the birthday party pics? Did I miss something? Cause I was looking forward to them., Like holding my breath to get home and see them.

Scrappy Girl said...

What a sweet hubby!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. I would like totally die if my hubby ever did anything like that. Totally. And what a view. Your one blessed chicky!

~Kim said...

My heart started pounding when I saw the SHOWER picture....I so would have been sleeping in my car atleast until I knew I could escape and drive away really fast!!

What a heavenly place though. I want to be kidnapped to a place like that. I wouldn't even care if I had my blow dryer or curling iron.

You are one lucky girl CG! I'm jealous of ya!