Friday, March 20, 2009

I Am A Moron Update #1

Update Friday, 9:58 am - Taking Lo's advice, I had my assistant call FedEx -- Here is her email:

I just called FedEx to ask for expedited service. They informed me that the chances of expediting the package for Monday's delivery are pretty slim. This is only because the package has not arrived in Philly yet. The CS Rep put a note in our file to have it expedited if possible.

We will keep our fingers crossed.

Taking Laura's advice, I also kept one binder back -- so I COULD reprint - but I still have my powerpoint and the main documents. I just wanted it to be all purty. I will keep you posted. Cause this is what I will be doing all weekend. And I get my hair cut and highlighted tomorrow. New girl. I hope I don't look like a freak for my presentation. :)


Kerrie said...

Good Luck, that is super stressful!

Jessica said...

I hope it all works out for will, but I hope it works out all pretty like you wanted. I know how that is, OK not the business woman, high heel wearing, type stuff but I know how it is to work super hard on something and have it planned out in your mind so perfectly and then it some how get's tripped up and it's usually some silly blunder on my part! At least your hair will look good!?! :)

Linda said...

Girl, you'll be great! You know your stuff!