Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Am A Moron Update #2

Sooooo, we are all aware of my big presentation in NYC on Tuesday morning.
In which I made killer binders for -- like wickedly awesome.
In which were shipped to PHILLY instead of NYC.
In which were SUPPOSE to be intercepted by FedEx and rerouted to NYC.
In which would be there Tuesday by NOON
In which my presentation is Tuesday at 8:00 AM
So we have been rubbing Buddha's belly,
And burning candles,
That makes my house smell mossy.

Anyhoo, I have been checking the tracking site every five minutes for the past 48 hours every so often, and it now say...

Your package is at the destination sort facility in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

And I just cried forth in glory. Cause now they SHOULD catch the package and REROUTE it to NYC and it SHOULD be there by Monday -- right?

I have to go complete my Hail Mary's and chants. I must go now. Keep my binders in your prayer. And if you are a FedEx worker -- in Philly -- and you find a box of wickedly cool binders from CG -- please reroute to NYC -- quickly. And karma will be yours forever. Amen.

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