Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jessica, This Is For You

So I woke up at 2 am this morning and thought -- OH NO -- Jessica. Who is Jessica? I don't know. I don't know Jessica's last name, what state she lives in, the color of her hair, if she has kids, or if she drinks Dr Pepper - the drink of the gods - or not. But I know a couple weeks ago I promised Jessica I would show her pics of my hair straight and I forgot. So I got up this morning and straightened my hair before church -- which takes 2.3 seconds and it super dee dooper easy -- but makes me look like Cher so I hardy ever do it. But we were going to a new church -- in which I walked in, checked the kids in, met IJ, and he went and checked them out and left -- so we did NOT stay -- but that is another story for another day. But we went to this restaurant and I had IJ take my pic so Jessica would not think I was a liar. Amen. And then he got all crazy with the camera and I had to pull out my angry face -- see below.
But there you have it Jessica -- my hair straight. And a little extra for good measure. And I pretend like you are from Nebraska and wear Banana Republic Khakis and had brown hair and love chunky monkey ice cream and we would laugh and snort together late at night quoting SNL. Muh-Wah~


Molly said...

Love your hair straight!!!!! So glad I'm not the only one having a problem finding a new church. Our home church, where we got married and have so many nice friends has decided to go in a different direction and now we are deperatley looking for a new church home and are saddened (hope I spelled that right) at the fact that we have to leave but God has a plan for everybody right? So I will pray that you guys find a really rocking new church and maybe we can find one too.
~Molly P

Linda said...

Gol! Even with straight hair your gorgeous!

Jessica said...

Jessica here...Thanks CG, I just had to see how it looked straight. With all those layers I was wondering if it would look weird (duh of course CG would never look he hair look weird)! Of course it looks fab. Let's see, I live in AZ, I found you through my BFF Edie (who evidently is now your BFF too) no jealousy here!!!
I drink water and I have 3 kids. There you go and thanks so much for straightening your hair for me. :) BTW, I purchased my Pantene shampoo and conditioner and I'm working on the grow out of my hair, that is if I don't get too hot this summer and chop it off. Pantene smells so good, who knew?

My last question and you can email me if you'd rather but I'm also wondering what kind of church you ended up going to? I know, I'm kind of demanding/high maintenance.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

don't let CG fool you, Jessica. She is bald..well nearly so..she keeps her real hair shaved down close so she can wear that gorgeous blong wig of hers.