Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News Alert: Country Girl Is Really Ichobod Crane

The weather has been fab to the lous. And when the weather is fab to the lous we spend all out time outside. And by spending all of my time outside I learned a few things about myself.

  1. There has to be rules and regulations before we play a game. I am all about playing fair and square. I can't have a bunch of whinny babies complaining that they lost cause they didn't know the rules. Nope. Not gonna happen. When I claim victory, it is fair and square.2. And then, when it is on -- it is on -- like Donkey Kong. No time-outs or bases or oh-my-shoe-came-untied. We have no time for silly antics.3. I wanna make a rule that I can have a time out or a base or a wait-my-shoe-came-untied. Cause I am out of shape.4. And just when you think you have it all under control. Those little twerps are way faster than you think. And when you are panting and heaving and hyperventilating....5. You realize you look like the biggest dork in the world when you run. And that you totally run like you are a girl. Well, a mix between a girly girly and Ichabod Crane.
    6. And this explains so much of why I never had a steady boyfriend in middle school. And by "steady" I mean like "any." But details schmetails.
    7. But the main thing I learned -- well actually confirmed.8. Was that I am still the master of disaster, the boss with the hot sauce, the girl with the swirl, the champ with a lamp -- ok I made that last one up.But nobody messes with Ichobod Crane Girl Running CG as she takes her victory swing. Amen. Uhm, exsqueeze me. Middle Twerp? Please don't pull momma down. MT? MT? Ahhhh!


Sally Pepper said...

I love that you are consistently craz-ee! Luv it!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

if you had a boyfriend in middle school, you would have peaked too early! just in your prime now, ichabod... in your prime!

Linda said...

You are such a fun Mom! And it's great to see YOU in these pics!

Molly said...

Is IJ taking the pictures because I just saw ET playing in the background? HAHAAHAH You are too fun chick!! Have a awesome day!!!
~Molly P

Anonymous said...

Very cute poost! I noticed in the first pic that you are soooo fast the camera can't even focus. Saaamokin' Fast!