Saturday, April 4, 2009

MY Children Would NEVER!

I don't care how many times we pack our bags and go to the aquarium, it never gets old.
There is just something about seeing the awe and amazement on my Twerps' faces that makes me stop and stare.
The find the beauty in everything. The stop and appreciate the simplicity,
they soak it all in. They are at such a place of learning and taking it in that I forget how young they are.
The are perfect angels and I think I could have a million more... Until,
One makes a comment that says, "BT? You smell like a whale shark."
Then some punches start gettin thrown and soon it is on like Donkey Kong.And I just sit back and say in a loud and judgemental voice, "I am so glad my children never act like that. Where are these heathen's parents?" Then a shoe flies and hits me in the head. And I act appalled.
And I make Eldest Twerp take them out to the lobby so I avoid the forty eleven sets of eyes looking for these punk's procreator.



Farmgirl Paints said...

HA! My kids NEVER act like that. Beautiful pictures:)

Dana and Daisy said...

oh lordy

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I wish we had an aquarium near us...

Creative Mish said...

I too love the aquarium. Every time I go to the Oregon Coast I go to the aquarium there. They have a new theme each year! Its so fun! Especially the touch tanks! Oh by the way... My punks were perfect as children, also!

Marchelle said...

will you take us to the aquarium when we come visit? so you can see the wonder and awe on our faces? ok thanks.