Sunday, April 26, 2009

You Gots Questions. I Gots Answers. But Only Half.

You all had questions and I gots me some answers...and one tiny confession. Gulp.

There were so many comments and emails I am doing this in two sessions. Cause there is only so much of me anyone can handle. And I want you to love me....and need you to love me...and accept me...and call me George. Okay, not really the George part. But maybe.

Soooo...the Part I is questions about me. Stop reading now. Uhm...are you already asleep???

Part II will be an Electric Boogaloo. And answers for advice. Ohhhhh, this has me all excited. Soooo excited I drank TWO glasses of wine. So I am in no position to give advice. But tomorrow.....hold on to your Spanx. Cause CG is giving advice! Hello? Hello? Anyone there????

Jenn said...
When you are tired and don't feel like cooking a big meal, what is your default, easy-makin' dinner?

Spaghetti. But here is the deal. I shop at Whole Foods. Period. End of story. Every Sunday. And I buy meals that are already "prepared" so all I have to do is come home and heat up the oven and BAM. And they are gooood and healthy and wonderful and easy. Please don't judge me,

At what age did your boys potty-train and how did that go? Was it easier than with ET or more difficult?

Middle Twerp - 3...but he still wets to bed. And it has gotten better - but here is the deal. And some people think I am CRAZY, but he CANNOT have sugar after 6. I am telling you, itmakes a difference. Sugar (even in juice) makes him pee. For real.

Baby Twerp - was a breeze and right when he turned three. And I set the timer for every 30 minutes and in like 3 days he was potty trained. I kid you not. I used no "treats or prizes" but he had watched his older brother do it for awhile.

Eldest Twerp was the hardest. She was at the end of 4. I think it had a lot to do with all the transitions she had endured. It was VERY stressful.

But I ain't judgin cause I wet to bed when I was TOTALLY old cause I thought I was water skiing in a lake and no one would know.

But here is the truth. And I HATES this answer when I was potty training. But they will do it when they are ready. Don't push. I know. I know. But the summer is easier. Cause you can keep them almost naked.

How many times per day/week do you talk to your mama?

Every day.

Any vacations planned for this summer?

None. I want to go water water rafting. Someplace where I CANNOT get wifi so I cannot be contacted. And I want it to be close. Within the next month, I will be in Washington DC, Philly, Boston, Austin, Chicago, and San Jose. I am excited but will be ready to stay home. Plus, Indiana Jones is gonna be gone for over 45 days late summer......

Do you have a favorite brand of jeans?

Gap. Long and Lean Stretch.

Do you have a favorite place to shop for (a) work clothes and (b) casual clothes?

Work - Ann Taylor Loft, Black House White Market, and Georgiou. I buy ALL my work cloths from these places.

Casual - Gap, American Eagle, Target, and Old Navy a little.

Shelle said...
What is your favorite current tv drama and/or comedy? Do you relate to a particular character on the show?

I am totally addicted to Brothers and Sisters. Totally. Kitty. I am totally Kitty and Rebecca. Totally.

Desperate Housewives (Please don't judge) I am totally Susan. Totally.

Dancing With the Stars I am totally no one. But I wanna be Julianne.

American Idol: I am no one. I cannot sing. Not even in a bucket.

What is your favorite summer recipe/meal?

Tomato and Cucumber Salad. Ya know? With vinegar? And BBQ chicken on the grill.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who are judgemental and who tear envelopes when they open them.

ptamom3 said...
was your wedding big and extravagant, traditional, themed, etc??

It was wildflowers and in late summer. My bridesmaids wore yellow and carried purple and yellow irises. There were wildflower wreaths on the windows...color, color, color. It was very traditional and I think we had around 300, but my mom would know for sure.

Is ET now happy with her new home, in her new town, and at her new school with new friends? I HOPE SO!

ET is like a new kid. Really. Her BFF lives across the street and moved here from Oklahoma 2 years ago. We actually lived about 20 minutes from one another in OK and her grandparents lived in the town right next to us. She is a straight A girl who has friends and hates to do her chores.

Are you getting a pool for that marvelous house or will you be doing the YMCA over the summer?

We have a pool in our subdivision so NO at our house. The subdivision pool is fab and I think a real "social hang out" for moms. I am sure you will get lots of pics.

P.S. How are swim lessons? Last I heard the swim GOD was going to toss him in...

Okay, get this. The next Saturday morning lesson we missed. Cause IJ had his knee surgery the Friday night before and I could not leave him. So BT was saved. Then, his last lesson was the next Saturday and we got ready and drove out there and the road was closed off. There was a marathon and we would have to park and walk a little over half a mile. Uhmmmmm......we went to Starbucks. Please don't judge me.

thecrazysheeplady said...
Yeah, I'm wondering about the swimming too :-)

I know. I know. Please be a lover, not a fighter. See above.

Writer Chick said...
I'm still waiting for the apple recipe :( --

Okay. I have a confession to make. It is here:
The Apple Recipe I Stole
Please still love me.

Pony Girl said...
You take a lot of pictures, everywhere you go. And you use a Nikon DSLR. Not a small camera. Do you just carry it around your neck, to the grocery store? Does it drive you crazy? Do you keep it in your purse? In the camera bag? Do you ever feel silly taking it out and using it in unusual public places? I'm kind of a newbie, at least with the bigger DSLR's, and still can't get comfortable taking it everywhere or whipping it out in random places, like the mall. Help me get over it. Is there a 10-step program? Can you come up with one? Thank you!

I carry it in my purse in a camera bag I got from Target EVERYWHERE I GO. Always. And I do whip it out. I try to stay discrete. Kinda. I do turn off the flash so no one will notice as much. But I really don't know anyone and A LOT OF TIMES I do not look through the hole or hold it to my face but just take pics and get what I get. I know, you can't tell by the amazing quality, huh?

I also use my kids and ACT like I am takin pics of them, but I ain't. I know. I know. Please don't judge me.

You have never changed your blog header or its colors or the template or put ads on your blog, well maybe the header photo, once a long time ago? Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying that you should, I actually admire your ability to stick to who you are and have this constant in your life. I am just curious!! ;) I seem a little more prone to needing "bloggie-botox makeovers", then I always panic with blog-makeover remorse and miss my old look.

I know. I struggle with this. But I LOVE change in some areas of my life, but not others. I like new places and new challenges and new people. I hate rearranging my furniture. HATE IT. Well, okay - I really just dislike it. And I dislike changing things like the side of the bed I sleep on or the dishes I use or my blog header. And the pic has a lot of sentimental value. It is on my parent's farm. And I love it.

But, I do change my underwear. Usually.

Farmgirl Paints said...
Did you ever find out what was wrong with your neck?

Uhm.....well......I have a nodule on my thyroid. I am suppose to go get a biopsy. I have not yet. I big pink fuzzy heart with glitter LOVE avoidance. All my blood work came back fine. So it is working fine. I will go. Soon. I just have to get through some paperwork, It is probably a glitter pocket.

What exactly do you do for a career?

I work for a non profit education company that works to provide equity and access to students in connection to college success. My part is hooking federal funds to districts and states to implement college readiness programs. We have six regional offices around the nation and are truly partners in education. We are amazing and I loved us at first site. I worked with us at the Dept of Educ in Oklahoma. And I was smitten even back then.

How do you get your hair to feather like that? It's gorgeous.

Why I love you. Read all about my hair here...It is quite embarrassin...
My embarrassin hair tutorial

What's your favorite hobby?

I really do enjoy people. People are my hobby. I love nothing more than to listen to their lives...hear their story...learn their lesson. Appreciate their gift.

And I like Dr Pepper.

To be continued..... Hiccup.


Kim said...

When. Will. You. Be. In. San. Jose. And. For. How. Long?!

Donna said...

Looking forward to part two thanks for clearing things up...LOL enjoy your wine and your evening

Anonymous said...

you did not mention if the nodule in your thyroid is solid or fluid filled.Fluid filled thyroid cysts are almost always benign and aspirated if they are posing compression or cosmetic problems.
the biopsy is usually not required for solid nodules less then 1 cm in size , unless it is hypoechoic.
ultrasound useis mandatory for biopsy of large complex nodules.
The internal vascularity of noduleand calcification increases chance of cancer to 25%

Dana and Daisy said...

wedding pictures please!

I know. I am so demanding.
Love you, now make your appointment and take care of you!

Dana and Daisy said...

I must be feeling bossy today.

Writer Chick said...

Thanks for the apple recipe...and don't put off the biopsy. I know it's scary and all, but you need to get it taken care of. I am a cancer survivor. I know of what I speak.

Lo said...

wheeeeee love it :) i am a firm believer that letter openers will cure world peace. or. at least peace in the office amen.

also? i know we did this dance before, but just curious when you'll be in chicago? cuz, ya see, i will not be working after may 8th and was wonderin if you were mosyin over here after then. cuz i could totally buy you a dr. pepper. totally. and maybe some nachos. BURP