Saturday, May 23, 2009


Have you ever met someone in this world that brings life into the room as soon as they enter? That throws themselves into everything whole-heartedly? That doesn't believe in themselves nearly as much as they believe in others? But desires to change the face of injustice by sacrificing? I have. His name is Steve.

Steve and Indiana Jones are BFFs. Steve still lives in Oklahoma, but recently embarked upon a journey to change others. Cause Steve brings to front and center that life is about one thing: OTHERS. And he changed OTHERS by sacrificing two weeks of his life on a mission trip to Scotland. Steve brings humor to everything.... He recently wrote on his blog about his experience of youth coming together on a Wednesday night to worship. Listen and see Steve's heart: What greatly impressed me was I thought we would have to pump them up but they came ready to sing and you could tell they were worshipping with their hearts. It was awesome. The missionary, John Blair mainly wanted us to just hang with them and "be real." Well with me he got more than he bargained for as this video shows - a combination of jet lag and the fiddler got to me.

There you have him. At his best. Bring life and laughter to others. Steve, you make the world better. You and Judy are a blessing. We miss you. Thanks for believing in others. You inspire.


City girl turned Country Girl said...

What an awesome man and friend you have!! He is obviously a blessing to all he encounter's! Love, Love, Love the video!! That was classic!!

MauritaMason said...

Funny video! That's what I call livin' life. I wish I could be more like that.

meintwitter said...

Way too kind! I want to meet this dude.

One of the youth (can't think of his name bcuz I haven't had my coffee and their named justin, Jason, john, & another j name - 4 oh Js) said he thought I was plain weird when he saw me do the jig in the glade. After being around me a few days he said "you're ok.". So I'm surprised at the comments so far

Dana and Daisy said...

you know what? at first I thought you were talking about my Steve, ha ha! And then I was like, what< steve went to Scotland? When?

Great Video! That is what I look like when I see a snake in the garden! ha ha!