Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Land Flowing With Milk and Honey Has Guests

So, I was back home down on the farm this week. Of course, I abandoned the Twerps for a few days to fly to Texas for a conference. But I stayed long enough to eat peach cobbler and coconut creme pie. And I stayed long enough to snag the coconut creme pie recipe. GASP -- I know. EEEEE.

And LORD HAVE MERCY -- it is the best pie you have ever eaten in your life. AND Lawsie Mercy it is the EASIEST pie you have ever made in your born days. And everybody oooohs and aaaahs and you splash some flour on your face and tie a cute apron on and act like you have been slavin over that hot stove all day -- but you ain't. But I ain't tellin. Nor am I judgin.

Anyhoo, while I was in the Promised Land, I was missin my high speed internet and ability to upload pics and blog. So I called my BBFF (Best Blog Friend Forever) and said Puh Leez come see me so I can have contact with the outside world. And she said NO. And I said, I will share my mom's peach cobbler. And she was there in two and a half hours.

Who? Who is the masked man you might ask?

Du dunt dunt dunt duddle uhhhhh.

Marchelle, my BBFF.I just big pink fuzzy heart with glitter love my BBFF, Marchelle. Ain't we just the cutest thangs you have ever seen? She adds so much to me. Cause me all by myself looks raggedy -- but with Marchelle...I think I might be glistening a little. Lordy Be!

Anyhoo, she made the trip down to the southern end of the state. With all her rug rats. And can I just say I can eat them up?
And this one? He was in heaven.
But you know what happens when you get unrelated spawn under the age of 6 on a farm together don't ya?
You got trouble Folks! Right here in River City. Trouble with a Capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool. (name that musical...anyone? anyone?)
Anyhoo, all I wanted was a sweet little family pic. For my blog and all.
And there was no cooperation going on. Not the least bit.And I ain't one to gossip -- but I am just sayin, you can see right here that no one nary lick of anything good is going on. I am not sure who it was that exactly came up with the scheme that is about to unfold. But I am most certain there is NO POSSIBLE way it could even maybe be this one...... Nope. Nada.Cause he would never instigate these kinds of shenanigans.
He is meek and shy and mild mannered.And just look at that other hooligan there - Lordy Be, have you youngins heard of chiggers? LIB --
Just look at this face and tell me he started it all....
Well, Marchelle and I had no time to actually supervise and do anything with those spawn cause there was wine to drink and gossip to spill -- so we did the only logical thing we knew to do. We made Eldest Twerp babysit.
I mean we gave her a cookie and all. Don't go to judgin.


Jenn said...

Yay! I'm glad you were able to get together again! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time. :)

Marchelle said...

who invited dolly parton?! lordy be that pic makes me look a little chesty!! and not in a good way!

i might have to post the one. you know - THE ONE.

i miss you'ins. =( the boy gave me his phone (its a toy, come on now) and said "here mommy, it's MT & THE BT. they want me to come over." i'm not sure where the "THE BT" came from. but he is no longer BT, he is THE BT. and we didn't even get to see him.

sniff, sniff.

Dana and Daisy said...

you two girls are even starting to look alike. which is which, I can't tell. Whose kids are whose? They could all be related, I swear.

okay, I must tell the truth, I am a wee bit jealous. peach cobbler? oh man!

Marchelle said...

oh, and it looks like you might have some dust on your lens. or UFO's. either one.

ok and one more thing. is my head really that much bigger than yours?!? call your mom right now and ask her. i need to know this. because it looks like i have a huge melon on top of my neck and yours is more like a grapefruit.

wait THIS is the last thing. the girl can say ET's name clear as a bell. the child cannot say 95% of people's names correctly, but ET's she can say perfectly. ET was so sweet to her.

Pony Girl said...

Oh, how fun you got together! Is this the first time you met? Were you blogging buddies first? I think that is so neat! Cute pictures of your families hanging out!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

marchelle -- it is because my neck is so long -- good grief look at it. i look like a mutated giraffe.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

BTW -- Marchelle -- I am totally jealous of your Dolly attributes.

and please PUH LEEZ don't post THE ONE pic -- or if you do -- PHOTOSHOP --

Okay - since i have dust you have to send me #152 or #158 or #40-11something from your camera.


The Kelso-Winter Family said...

i'm calling child services and makin' em send me ET! cause she will like her auntie better'n having to babysit. she looks quite bealeagured.. and sweet.