Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Montana: I'll Meet You There

When I saw the previews for My Sister's Keeper. I looked over at Indiana Jones and said in the most absolute voice I could muster up, "I will never see that movie." And he smiled. Cause he knows...I only like light-hearted fun movies. He knows I become a part of the movie. I think the characters are real. I think about them. Talk about them over the next weeks, sometimes months. I have a heard time telling reality for fantasy. Does this surprise you?

I often live in my fantasy world (wink, wink). Pretending I am friends with people I never see. Or have long conversations in the car with people that are not even there -- over important stuff -- life if during theses-hard-economic recession times, if company should cut back on their complimentary tampons in the ladies room or not. I know. I am deep. Or I will eat lunch by myself at the Blue Marlin by my office and have an entire conversation with my friend about the price of tea in China. It's how I roll and all.

Anyhoo, reality. It is hard for me to stay there. So I cannot go see a movie that will take me where I do not want to be. And I instantly KNEW My Sister's Keeper was that movie. SO I banned it. Nope. Nadda. Most definitely not!

Then I flew to San Jose, California.

And I was going to be on a plane for over 5 hours. So I stopped by the airport bookstore to peruse the selection.

They had books on war, finance, healthy eating, and My Sister's Keeper.

Oh, how bad can it be?!?!?!?

All I am sayin is, while I was STILL AT THE GATE and on chapter 2, people were moving away from me because my sobs were disturbing.

Then, at chapter 4, a nice man gives me his handkerchief and asks if I am okay.

As I board the plane, the airline stewardess gives me a side hug and asks if she can get me anything.

During my flight I spew snot, give the hiccup sob, moan slightly, and have to change out of my contacts to my glasses.

I arrive past midnight EST and take a cab to the hotel.

The cab driver asks if he can help. I say in a squeaky voice, "No, it's just Kate."

"Is she your friend?"

"Yes. Yes she is,."

"Is she okay?"

"Yes. She will be. It is Anna I am worried about."

And he goes back to driving.

I finished in my hotel room in a mush of sobs and encircled in tissue.

And I dream of Anna and Kate and Jessse.

And I fall asleep talking to them...

And mumbling in my hoarse voice, "Montana...Montana....I'll be waiting."

Then I saw the movie this weekend -- NOTHING LIKE THE BOOK!

Alert -- I am about to spoil the ending. But all I am sayin is ... in the book the same person does not die as in the movie.

And can I say, that while i think you HAVE TO see/read both. The book is forty eleven times better than the movie. Amen.

But I still liked the movie.


Sniff. Sniff.



Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I just finished the book...and what the hell do you mean the same person does not die in the movie????

Ok I am totally freakin out now and will have to go see the movie TONIGHT!!!

Shellgirl said...

Oh!!!!! I thought the same thing about this movie when I saw the trailer.

I do the EXACT same thing about movies as you do. Actually, I do the same thing about books and tv shows too. I get way too emotionally involved in my characters!

I read the Horse Whisperer when I heard about that movie. I knew Robert Redford was going to play the cowboy. My dad looks a lot like Robert Redford. That book has a different ending than the movie too. Which, unfortunately, I found out when the movie hit the cable channels, because I REFUSED to go see it. Then the movie ending made me MAD!! As badly as I didn't want to see the book ending, the movie ending was a waste of the entire story!!

And now I've gotten myself all worked up about it again!


Anonymous said...

I have been known to get too involved with the characters I read about too. I read this book last week and I am still in mourning. I had to re-read the book to see if maybe I could get a different ending. The sad part is, any ending but happily ever after wouldn't be better.

Jenn said...

I, too, get too (too many too's?) emotionally involved in a good story. It means we are passionate. And lovers. Nothing we didn't already know, right? ;)

~Mad said...

That an author would let a movie have an entirely different ending is proof to me that "the love of money is the root of all evil."

I can't think of another reason an author would go that direction!

I loved the book - after reading your announced spoiler, I am curious about the movie but will not spend big bucks to see it ASAP!

Read some of her other books - she's good!

~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

I read this book last year while on vacation and sobbed uncontrollably for hours. Germans did not enjoy this mass display of emotion.

Then, I saw the movie last night. I am sooo with you! NOTHING like the book. I mean, I didn't expect it to be as good, but it was a different story altogether! Bleh!

.Keli. said...

#1 Jodi Picoult books are all AWESOME!!! Reading her new one now.

#2 Ok, I'm bummed about the ending (that you just spoiled BTW), WHAT???? I do NOT understand! I will and want to see the movie when I can find another person who gets wrapped up and emotionally involved in books and movies like I do...Can't seem to find that person...

Jenny F. said...

oh cg, you make me laugh. out loud. I stumbled upon your blog awhile back. and I keep comin back:)
just know, you make someone laugh, and smile, and snort. ALOT.

Molly said...

Well I'm reading the book and thanks for the spoiler. I hate to go and flop down $50, $20 to get tickets and then I have to have movie food. So you just saved me some moolah. This book reminds me of my litte sister and I sob and sob and my husband looks at me like he has just now realized he married a nutcase :) Have a great day!!
~Molly P

Farmgirl Paints said...

I'm the same way. I identify too much with books and movies. Books are almost always better than the movie...why is that? Anyway I hear ya girl. I think I'll skip them both. Sounds too sad for me.

Dana and Daisy said...

will you be sharing this book with ET?

Steve will not go see this movie with me, so I am going to have to go see it alone and then drive myself home sobbing. It's okay I did it after beaches too.

Pony Girl said...

OMG, I have like one chapter left and my friend kind of gave it away that the ending is intense so I knew someone dies....we are supposed to see the movie next week so I need to finish it but I'm gonna be SOOOOO dissapointed if it's really different! I hate that! I love Cameron Diaz and Abigal-whoever (the little girl that plays Anna) so I hope it's worth it.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

That's actually very funny!! :) You always make me laugh!! Thx for spoiling the movie!! JK!! I am excited to see it though, I love tear jerkers!!

Marchelle said...

There is NO WAY I can see that movie. Mr. Clean & I watched The Notebook together and sobbed like FOOLS. Haven't watched it since. It's too emotionally draining for me. Same with Beaches, but I did have the soundtrack memorized.

That's crazy though that the movie was so different. The books are always better! Have I mentioned Twilight? ;)

PS - have you watched Bridges of Madison County yet?!