Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Got THE Look

Welcome to Vaca 2009 - Lover of My Soul. Trip that makes my hiney tingle. Resort that makes my skirt fly up. Destination Big Pink Fuzzy Heart With Glitter! Today we took bike rides around our resort. And again, I would like to remind you lovely readers of the fact that I cannot chew gum and walk at the same time. Nor can I talk and tango simultaneously. Which is a travesty during Dancing with the Stars, but that is another story for another time.
Anyhoo, as we were bike riding Middle Twerp happened to pass two OLDER girls on the path. And he was trying to show off a little to get their attention -- doing a little snazz... Addin a little flair to his game and all... Ohhhh you doin?And then suddenly, I heard a crash and a WAAAAIIIILL. Like weeping and gnashing of teeth kinda wail. But it was NOTHING compared to the Ohhhhs and Ahhhhs of the OLDER GIRLS.MT flashed a little of the lip and a sprinkin of the dimples and he has em eating out of his hand... There were so many hugs and sweeties comin from these OLDER girls I about passed out in a diabetic coma. The sweetness was just killin me. And he ate it up!
So this lead me to thinkin -- a very dangerous event in my mind....,
If MT got all that attention from OLDER girls by doing some tricks, what kind of attention could I get from Indiana Jones if I did some tricks.... What harm could be done....right?
I mean he might think I am kinda cute or at least give me some sympathy lovin. I will take whatever I can get -- I am starved for attention. Famished for a look. I am hungry as a hostage for some lovin. So I dazzled and wazzled and played it up --
And this is all I got.

I think it has "Come Hither You Hot Crazy Country Girl" written all over it, right? Hello? Anyone? Anyone?


Dana and Daisy said...

i'm no good at judging IJ's expressions, He is a man of many mysteries I think. BUT MT? I think he is bitin' his bottom lip to keep from letting out a giant smile when those girlz are all up in his trauma!

so glad ya'll are having a swell trip! Is the tinman (and i guess that makes his little woman Dorothy?) with ya? or did they go back home to the land of milk and honey?

Amber said...

haha....too funny... :-)

The Urban Cowboy said...

Looks like you are having way too much fun...keep it up!