Monday, February 15, 2010

A Southern Snowman

We rarely are graced with the presence of this white miracle here in the South, so we take every advantage we can before it and its magic melts away. Yesterday, while Eldest Twerp was spending the night at a friend's house I looked at Middle and Baby Twerp and asked, "Ya'll wanna make a snowman?"They looked at me with their "What you talkin about Willis?" eyes.
Then I realize -- these poor sheltered Southern children have no clue how to build a snowman. What kind of unfit mother is raisin them? Lord have mercy!
So I begin my passing of the snowman legacy to my spawn.
Only to soon realize I have no clue what I am doing either! And soon my thighs are burnin and I am (please brace yourself) SWEATIN!!!!
I had to take a moment.
We decorated our snowman with candy and scarves and hats and Dr Pepper lipgloss. Cause any respectable southern girl would never leave the house without her lipgloss. At this point and time the boys start checkin out the work. And soon I realized I did not pass inspections. They were NOT impressed with my work. Since I was proud as a peacock with my stunning gal, I MADE them pose for a photo moment. You can see how serious they took this moment. MT was so embarrassed with the shoddy artsmanship he had to leave the premises. And as soon as I walked away they turned all boy on me....
Macho Randy Savage possess my spawn at the most inopportune moments.
Have I mentioned I wanted girls?


Dana and Daisy said...

rip snowman, rip.

Goodwife said...

Nothing like a good ole snow-man snow! Ours has been too dry and un-packable this year!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

Mail 'em up here and they can make all the snowmen they want..ship Dr. P lipgloss if you want 'em to be.. snowwomen!